Villanova Tops Flawed Businessweek Undergrad B-School Ranking

  • Jim

    Villanova is not a Jesuit Institution, it is Augustinian–“Like Villanova – also a Jesuit institution – Carroll shined in both the employer and student survey, ranking 5th in each category.”

    This can be quickly referenced by looking on the about section of the Villanova University website.

  • Lisa1111

    I noticed Harvard, Northwestern, and other top schools don’t even show up in these ridiculous rankings. I’m glad we will no longer have to see these crappy rankings from Bloomberg and wish they would cut out their graduate business school rankings, as well, since those are crap too.

    • Don’t be dumb. Northwestern and every Ivy League school besides Wharton (Upenn) DO NOT HAVE ungraduate business schools! Maybe you’re the one who’s crap.

      • Jason

        Burn. I know that Villanova is basically known for its business school. (Liberal arts and Law isn’t very good)