Universities with…”Is It Food?”


Bad food can ruin an evening, and even though college students infamously eat anything and everything, bad food every meal, every day is still hard to stomach. Campus dining halls, where hard-working young people are supposed to nourish themselves, sometimes serve little more than pizza and caesar salad that the staff buys in bulk. With the standard held in generally low esteem, it’s really something to be the worst of them all.

Each year the Princeton Review publishes its “Is It Food?” list, ranking the top 20 universities with the worst food. The list is compiled with a student survey question: “How do you rate the food on campus?” Over the past six years, 41 schools have made the list, and only four were listed every year, making it seem like those must have a outstandingly bad food.

Just as many of the schools that appeared on the “Best Campus Food” list also appeared on the “Happiest Students” list, many of the schools here, including the US Merchant Marine Academy, US Military Academy, US Air Force Academy, and US Naval Academy, also appear on the “Least Happy Students” list.

Here are the schools with the worst campus food:

The ‘Is it food?’ Rankings From 2015 to 2010


2015 Rank & School2015 Rank2014 Rank2013 Rank2012 Rank2011 Rank2010 Rank
United States Merchant Marine Academy117311
St. John’s College (NM)246NRNRNR
New College of Florida3222103
Juniata College47NRNRNRNR
Drew University53915NRNR
Bard College at Simon’s Rock69NRNRNRNR
Fordham University75171913
Berea College8NRNRNRNRNR
Catawba College98882019
Catholic University of America10131716NRNR
Southwestern University11NRNRNRNRNR
Hollins University1217NR201814
Ohio Northern University13125NRNRNR
Emerson College1414NRNRNRNR
Denison University151619NRNRNR
Randolph-Macon College16NRNRNRNRNR
The Evergreen State College17NRNRNRNRNR
Xavier University of Louisiana18NRNR18NRNR
Coe College19NR20NRNRNR
Austin College20NRNRNRNRNR
Wells CollegeNR63472
Alfred CollegeNR10119NRNR
Hampden-Sydney CollegeNR11412NRNR
United States Military AcademyNR15NRNRNRNR
State University of New York at AlbanyNR1813556
Flagler CollegeNR1914101617
Haverford CollegeNR20NRNRNRNR
Hampton CollegeNRNR10128
Amherst CollegeNRNR1211NRNR
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyNRNR15131320
Hiram CollegeNRNR1614NR12
Wesleyan CollegeNRNR186115
Fisk UniversityNRNRNR1744
Bard College (NY)NRNRNR191215
Centenary College of LouisianaNRNRNRNR311
Eugene Lang CollegeNRNRNRNR67
United States Air Force AcademyNRNRNRNR89
Carnegie Mellon UniversityNRNRNRNR910
Howard UniversityNRNRNRNR14NR
United States Navel AcademyNRNRNRNR1516
Whittier CollegeNRNRNRNR1718

Source: The Princeton Review