2014 Top 10 Undergrad Business Stories

Harvard grads

Harvard grads

You asked for it – oh, wait, you didn’t? Well, sometimes you don’t know what you want till you get it. And we think once you’ve seen this list of the 10 Best Undergrad Business Stories of 2014, you’ll realize you would have wanted it had you known we were going to provide it.

In this collection you’ll find plenty of information helpful for the business student and would-be business student, plus windows into the unique world of undergrad business education. And beyond the Top 10, we’ve provided links to another 10 Poets&Quants stories that made a splash this year – including advice from Oprah Winfrey to Stanford University business students.


1. The Wild and Witty Rants of ‘That Harvard Bitch’

Poets&Quants tracks down an elusive Harvard student whose informative and entertaining commentaries on student life have made her a YouTube sensation. Her video on “Harvard stereotypes” netted almost a quarter-million views, and her “How to get into Harvard” drew another 150,000. Click the link for the lowdown on the student’s schtick, and a sampling of her videos.


salary money2. Starting Salaries Rise for Business Majors

The past year brought good news for business majors: a 3% rise in starting salaries, to $57,000. This article breaks down the starting pay for graduates with majors in the “business” category, from the lowest – Hospitality Services Management – to the highest – Logistics/Materials Management.
Rakesh Khurana3. The Smartest Advice We Could Find for the Class of 2018

Personal transformation, in the intellectual, social, and personal realms, should be a primary goal for college students, said Harvard College dean Rakesh Khurana, in his Sept. 1 Convocation address. Poets&Quants takes a close look at his comments, and includes a video of Khuran’s valuable speech.


Facebook drunk photo4. Schools Boost Social Media Scrutiny

College admission officials don’t wait till Christmas to decide who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. And now record numbers of officials are scouring the social media profiles of applicants to learn more about them – and possibly uncover skeletons in the closet (or at least photos of drunken debauchery – example included in article).




5. SAT Scores at the Top 50 Undergraduate Business Programs

Not only does this article allow prospective college applicants to compare their own SAT scores to the averages among students in the nation’s 50 best undergrad business programs, it charts changes in average SAT scores at individual schools from 2011 to 2013. Find out which two schools saw 100 point increases over those three years.