Poets&Quants’ Best Undergraduate Business Programs Of 2016

  • BradAlb

    The list is a joke. MIT’s Sloan school is no where to be found. Seriously?

    • Troy Wu

      You realize that MIT Sloan does not have an undergraduate business school…so obviously they wouldn’t be on this ranking.

      • BradAlb

        Well shucks, guess I’ll just have to return my diploma. A quick google search would show that it actually does.

      • Thomas McCarthy

        LOLOLOL MIT does have an undergrad business school. Google is your friend.

    • JohnAByrne

      MIT Sloan does have an undergraduate business major and we did ask the school to participate in our ranking. MIT declined, however, and we decided that the program is so small–under 100 students–it is essentially inconsequential in the undergraduate business market. That is why the school is not included in this ranking.

      • C. Taylor

        The whole 2020 freshman class at Caltech is 235 students, so probably has similar numbers in business. It’s too bad MIT didn’t respond.

        The competition between MIT undergrads apparently prompts some undergrads to show they can ‘hang’ by selecting STEM majors even if they are actually into business. MIT says some students didn’t even know they could take almost any class in Course 15 (business).

        At the moment, it’s hard to argue you’re better off in any other business program over MIT. Doors will open for you. In particular, this might be a good route for any ladies interested in business. MIT undergrad accept rates for ladies are much higher than for the gents. Apply, people!

  • Dan Ashlin

    I was surprised that Villanova was not included. It is ranked high on other lists.

  • Roy Kamineni

    Where is Boston College’s Carroll School of Management and Villanova School of Business on the list? They are ranked fairly well on other rankings …

    • Nathan Allen

      Hi Roy,

      Boston College and Villanova were both unable to provide the necessary data to be included. Both schools showed interest and we plan on including them next year. The reason you see them on previous Businessweek lists is BW relied solely on an alumni survey and employer survey to rank schools. Two-thirds of our methodology was based on hard data and some schools that wanted to participate were simply unable to provide that data this year. Thanks for the question!


      • disqus654e9725qwe

        Do you think Northeastern gooses their numbers? They’ve been accused by that. 99 / 99 seems flagrantly suspect.

  • Connie

    Hallelujah! Rutgers New Brunswick Business School finally getting the recognition and respect they so deserve. When you look at the top players running Wall Street, a high percentage are Rutgers graduates!

    • cutitall

      Wall street top players from Rutgers? I don’t think so.

  • Enoch Cheng

    Did Chapman University not elect to participate?

  • Ruby hypes

    I feel like Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business is always overlooked. It deserves an even higher ranking than this! The amount of successful alumni donating to the school allow for high-tech, state-of-the-art facilities and renowned faculty. Additionally, because it is IU’s best school, Kelley students get even more privileges and attention. Because the students that go here are so smart, a lot of them get scholarships to an already (fairly) cheap school, making it incredibly affordable. IU’s rankings, I feel, bring down Kelley. However, IU’s rankings are based on the fact IU is not STEM-focused (Indiana split it to Purdue) and the retention rate is low because IU is much more rigorous than expected for many students. Kelley prepares students much better than most Business Schools.

    • Theo L.

      Seriously. Kelley is crazy good. The students coming out of Kelley are extremely skillful and the best workers/innovators. Kelley students truly have the talent to succeed, the humility to grow, and the tenacity to persevere. Kelley IS the #1 undergraduate business program.