The Best Companies For Recent Grads

Amazon continues to be a popular landing spot for recent graduates. Courtesy photo

Recent graduates reported working an average of just under 55 hours a week across all companies, suggesting many young professionals are working well beyond the typical 40-hour work week. Employees of Houston-based oil company Schlumberger reported working the most hours on average at 71. Tech companies had relatively low average weekly work hours — all between 48.5 and 51.7 hours a week — while six consulting and financial services firms had weekly averages of more than 60 hours.

The overall job satisfaction for recent grads at all top 26 companies was 6.4 out of 10 possible points. Bain and Company and BCG had the highest scores with 8.1 and 8.0, respectively. Google and Microsoft followed with 7.6 and 7.2, respectively. Bank of America Merrill Lynch had the lowest job satisfaction rate at 5.1. Of the bottom five firms, three are in financial services.