Total Costs At The Top Undergraduate Business Schools

The University of Pittsburgh was one of the least expensive ranked business schools this year. Courtesy photo

RankSchoolIn-State Total Cost
35Bucknell University$320,640
1University of Pennsylvania$318,540
26Southern Methodist University$316,504
27Boston University$310,648
8Carnegie Mellon University$306,860
32Hult International Business School$304,800
3New York University$302,192
87Santa Clara University$296,992
50University of Denver$294,360
5Georgetown University$293,410
12Washington University in St. Louis$293,001
37Wake Forest University$292,430
16Emory University$291,856
44Tulane University$290,048
13Villanova University$289,740
18Northeastern University$289,680
7University of Notre Dame$285,122
25Fordham University$284,123
85George Washington University$283,980
70University of the Pacific$275,388
24Lehigh University$269,330
36University of Miami$268,106
43University of San Diego$267,333
48Syracuse University$266,521
38Texas Christian University$266,400
47Providence College$265,795
20Worcester Polytechnic Institute$265,502
23University of Richmond$264,700
88St. Thomas University$260,700
59American University$248,192
93Ithaca College$248,105
54St. John’s University$247,494
51Drexel University$241,998
78Sacred Heart University$238,500
72Saint Louis University$236,636
62Seattle University$232,740
79Hofstra University$228,908
58Rochester Institute of Technology$226,432
69Duquesne University$217,608
9Cornell University$214,952
65Evansville University$205,706
45Elon University$201,546
56Lipscomb University$200,886
53University of Delaware$196,090
46Marian University$194,080
40Michigan State University$186,104
10Georgia Institute of Technology$179,000
15The College of William & Mary$160,560
64University of Tennessee At Knoxville$158,432
2University of Virginia$153,302
52Florida Southern College$136,064
17University of Illinois$134,168
55University of New Hampshire$133,422
41Rutgers Business School At New Brunswick$132,443
75Rutgers Business School At Newark$132,242
4University of Michigan$131,594
90Auburn University$131,576
49University of Arizona$123,665
11University of Texas At Austin$122,960
39Miami University$122,936
34University of Massachusetts At Amherst$122,324
61The College of New Jersey$121,497
63Christopher Newport University$121,276
14University of Minnesota$120,312
71University of Texas At Dallas$119,856
66University Of Utah$119,821
22University of Washington$117,276
83Oregon State University$117,228
80Ohio State University$116,765
77Northern Illinois University$116,050
21University of Wisconsin$112,972
91University of Texas At Arlington$111,984
29University of Georgia$110,632
67University of Michigan At Dearborn$107,504
57University of South Carolina$105,492
42Purdue University$104,912
19Indiana University$104,623
33University of Houston$104,544
82University of North Carolina At Wilmington$103,020
28Binghamton University$102,680
84North Carolina State University$99,940
6University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil$98,936
92University Of New Mexico$98,500
68Bowling Green State University$97,826
60University of Oklahoma$97,144
74Ohio University$95,768
73Texas Tech University$94,824
86Florida International University$93,504
89Iowa State University$93,332
81University of Kentucky$92,135
76University of Akron$91,420
30University of Pittsburgh$83,224
31Brigham Young University$61,176
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