Report Card: How Alumni Grade Undergrad Biz Programs

How well did the extra-curricular opportunities offered to you in the business program nurture and improve your skills in business?

Business school — and college in general — isn’t just about what happens in the classroom or on the job at internships. It should also be about various clubs and activities that can provide leadership opportunities and communities. Which schools do it best with business in mind, according to recent alums? Seton Hall’s Stillman School does it best, according to the Class of 2016, notching a 9.7. The score is a big leap from last year’s top finisher in the category — New York University’s Stern School of Business with a 9.22. Seton Hall was followed by William & Mary and Villanova University, which scored 9.6 and 9.4, respectively.

The higher scores towards the top helped tilt this year’s overall average across all 88 schools to 8.6, higher than last year’s average of 8.4. Still, alums were a bit more critical in this category than others in the survey. Only 16 schools had scores higher than 9.0 and 10 schools scored less than 8.0, including one school that scored less than 7.0.

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