The Top Feeder Schools to Google, Goldman Sachs and More

JP Morgan

Goldman Sachs


School Alumni
 New York University  428
 London School of Economics  419
 Cornell University  359
 Harvard University  339
 Columbia University  311
 University of Oxford  303
 University of Cambridge  300
 University of Pennsylvania  284
 Brigham Young University  273
 Imperial College of London  248

Source: LinkedIn and Business Insider

Morgan Stanley


School Alumni
 Baruch College (City University of New York)  482
 New York University  480
 University of Mumbai  383
 Rutgers University, New Brunswick  383
 Columbia University  321
 London School of Economics  300
 University of Maryland, College Park  273
 Cornell University  268
 Harvard University  208
 University of Pennsylvania  199

Source: LinkedIn and Business Insider



School Alumni
 Ohio State University  1,811
 University of Phoenix  1,081
 University of Mumbai  989
 Baruch College (City University of New York)  774
 Franklin University  745
 University of Delaware  660
 New York University  619
 Rutgers University – New Brunswick  524
 Ohio University  474
 Arizona State University  463

Source: LinkedIn and Business Insider

  • Eric Serrano

    You’ll probably also want to look at what sort of job positions alumni hold from their respective companies. I wouldn’t weigh positions such as a financial analysts to a call center associates equally. This data doesn’t share those insights when prospective senior high schools are looking for what undergraduates schools to attend.

    • Bastion

      Agree. For instance the University of Phoenix has one of the largest alumni bases at Chase, yet I would probably not go anywhere near that school

  • Mindnumbing

    You might get a job at Google is you went to Stanford, but you will never win a Nobel Prize. Stanford has the worst track record at producing Nobel Prize winners per capita among alums of any of the top schools. This is because its students are focused on business not intellectual activity. Oh, but then everyone at Google is smarter than Einstein, right?

    • Cannonkat

      I detect sour grapes and falsity…

    • Gab

      oh, Mindnumbing. The salt is palpable. Were you rejected? 🙁

  • Abhishek Sarda

    hi guys, my son has got into Kelly, UIUC , Tulane and Carlson for undergrad. Pls help me. which one should i choose ?? Many regards. Sarda