Today's Must Reads
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Today's Must Reads


Haas Undergrads Author School’s First Sustainability Report

'Greenest Academic Building' in U.S. highlighted


Wharton Repeats As Top-Ranked P&Q Undergraduate Business School

Third annual ranking features 88 of the world's best undergraduate business schools


Homeless To Haas: UC-Berkeley’s Tech Twins

Once homeless, twins now leading voices in young tech


B-Schools Enrolling The Most U.S. Minorities

Some 45% at NIU's College of Business


States With The Best & Worst ‘Quality Of Education’

Geography matters when it comes to higher education

Back of the EnvelopeHighest SAT Scores
School Average
Washington (Olin) 1480
Penn (Wharton) 1466
NYU (Stern) 1441
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 1435
Notre Dame (Mendoza) 1419
Cornell (Dyson) 1414
SMU (Cox) 1414
Georgetown (McDonough) 1395
Berkeley (Hass) 1394
USC (Marshall) 1392
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