‘My Business School Professor Is Arrogant, Rude & Disrespectful’


Lauri Harrison

Lauri Harrison, Columbia (2014): “Amazing, amazing, amazing. Super prepared and does a lot of work — answers questions right away, responds to discussion forum posts quickly, posts grades promptly. Tries hard to keep classes engaging. Shares her expertise. Encourages student participation. Learned a lot in her Intro to Marketing and Marketing Management online course.”


Brian Hanssen, NYU Stern (2014): “Brian Hanssen is the single greatest professor that have ever had in life. He’s incredibly enthusiastic, and amazingly funny. It’s the only class I’ve never fallen asleep in. The best part is the amount of feedback that he gives to his students, and how much he genuinely cares about people’s personal improvements.”

George Grody, Duke Fuqua (2011): “Grody is an unbelievable professor. I have honestly never met someone like him. He genuinely cares about every single student in his class. It would be a shame if you graduated without ever meeting him. After taking his class this semester, my perspective on a teacher’s role has completely changed. He is a really great guy.”

Follett Carter, Michigan Ross (2013): “I never write these, but I’m shocked that the ratings aren’t higher. Follett will change your life. He will do whatever it takes to help his students and the Business School could never find a better person to teach about sales. He has the most amazing experience and will invest in you if you show interest. What more can you ask for? A+ man.”

Ed Malthouse, Northwestern Kellogg (2011): “A good and decent man. Very helpful, genuinely interested in your success. If you work hard you will be rewarded. Numbers don’t lie, after all.”

Len Middleton

Len Middleton

Len Middleton, Michigan (2014): “Len is the greatest professor that I’ve had the pleasure of learning under at the University of Michigan. He truly cares, and he truly wants to inspire his students to take chances in life and test the waters of entrepreneurship. He assisted me in my second business venture, and was incredibly helpful. You must take a class with him!”

Jeffrey Wurgler, NYU (2012): “didn’t learn much because i spent most of class oogling at his hotness.” (Note: Well, at least he got the student’s attention…that’s half the battle.)

‘Rock Star’ Professors Get High Marks

Strangely, many of the most-recognizable business professors aren’t even listed on Rate My Professors. That lists includes: Michael Porter (Harvard), Clayton Christensen (Harvard), Robert Sutton (Stanford), Stewart Friedman (Wharton), Jeffrey Pfeffer (Stanford), Mauro Guillén (Wharton), and Dan Airely (Duke). However, those who make the list generally earn some big accolades. Here are some examples:

Gautam Kaul, Michigan Ross (2015): “The best teacher I have come across in my life. If I love finance, its because of this prof. Wish I had teachers like him in my life. Go for the course. It won’t hurt. But beware, you need to work really hard.”

Art Swersey, Yale (2013): “Art Swersey is not just an excellent teacher, but an exemplary human being. He personally calls students who are having difficulties in class and helps them get through. Humble person. Hilarious in class. Beloved by students and respected by his fellow professors. He is the heart and soul of the Yale School of Management.”

Robert Shiller, Yale (2014): “Took his Financial Markets on Coursera and found his explanations to be very clear. Although, he does pause quite often it is obvious to even a layman like myself that he is trying really think how best to explain Financial Markets, so everyone can understand. Great and brilliant professor. Take his class if you have a little interest in Finance.”

If Yale's Sharon Oster wasn't a master teacher and former dean, she would be a stand-up comic

Sharon Oster

Sharon Oster, Yale (2013): “Sharon is one of the pillars of SOM. Brilliant, thoughtful, considerate during class sessions. I wish her replies to emails were more than one word answers. But in person she’s helpful. In class she’s dynamic, witty and clear.”


Jeremy Siegel, Wharton (2011): “His teaching style is interesting and clear. The problem is that what he teaches is not relevant. His book isn’t scholarly or even reflective of reality. An enthusiastic man, but I don’t think there is much of value to be learned from him.”

Peter Ubel, Duke (2015): “Great lecturer, probably the best I’ve had at Duke. Classes make people look forward to it even as a Monday 8:30. Hilarious and engaging lectures. Workload isn’t too bad for a writing class either. Grading, however, is a bit confusing. Participation most likely is worth a lot more than we expected. Pop quiz also happens so don’t be late.”

Philip Kotler, Northwestern Kellogg (2014): “Love him.”