Companies And Industries Where College Grads Work The Most

William Blair topped the list of companies where recent graduates work the most.

  • Teddy27

    Is there a reason why Poets & Quants neglected to post McKinsey’s work week hours? Is it because you’re now partnering with McKinsey? They make their consultants work just as many hours or more than Bain and Boston Consulting Group. Not Fair Poets & Quants!!!

    • Nathan Allen

      Hi Teddy27,

      I can assure you we don’t have any “partnering” with any outside entity. This data comes from Transparent Career and is what recent college graduates self-reported to them for their first jobs out of undergrad. The Transparent Career folks only reported to us companies with enough data points they felt comfortable publishing. I’m sure they have data on recent graduates at McKinsey, and I’m sure you’re right, it would reflect that recent graduates at McKinsey work just as much as recent grads at BCG and Bain. But with the thin data, it wouldn’t be responsible for them or us to report when one outlier could skew the data in one way or another.


      • Teddy27

        Understood. I have a cousin who works at McKinsey and a son who works at Bain. They both work very long hours. I thought I saw on P & Q website that you now partner with McKinsey. My mistake.

        • JohnAByrne

          We hold a Pre-MBA Networking Festival in New York every year for incoming MBA students. McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, Accenture, PwC, A.T. Kearney are among the consulting firms that will welcome these MBA admits on our behalf.

        • Nathan Allen

          John’s right. That might be what you are thinking of. But none of that at all influences who, what, or how we report. If you take a look at the job satisfaction article (linked to in this article and published a couple weeks ago), you’ll see most recent grads at consulting firms work almost the same hours as investment bankers but have higher job satisfaction. Generally speaking, consultants seem to be happier than investment bankers, despite working similar hours.