New Year, Same Result: Wharton Again Tops U.S. News Ranking

The Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas-Dallas moved up 26 places in the latest U.S. News ranking of top four-year business programs in the U.S.

Most rankings feature greater volatility in the lower tiers. In this second group (below), three schools saw huge improvements while others moved in a bloc up or down. The biggest jump: The University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management, which improved 26 places to land in an eight-way tie for 41st. Eight schools gained four places to land 49th from 53rd, while four others lost 11 places from 53rd to land 64th.

The biggest decline, however, occurred at Florida State, which fell 20 spots to 64th from 44th. Overall in this second group, 17 schools lost three or more places, while 25 gained two or more places. 

Only one school appears in the top 105 schools (ranked 1-84) after having not been ranked at all last year: the University of Rochester Simon Business School, which is tied with four other schools at 36th.

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