Universities with the Best Campus Food

The way to a student’s heart is through her stomach, so making the Best Campus Food list is always good news. While some college dining halls unabashedly make lunchtime sandwiches out of last night’s leftovers, fine dining can be nothing short of expected at others.

Looking at the past six years of Princeton Review Best Campus Food rankings, you’ll see that of the 38 schools listed, 9 are listed all six years. Of them, Bowdoin College, James Madison University, and Virginia Tech are consistently in the top six. Interestingly, all three are also listed, at least once in the last six years, as having the Princeton Review’s Happiest Students.

The rankings are created with students’ answers to the survey question: “How do you rate the food on campus?” Though answers to a volunteer survey may not seem like the surest way to find the best college food, a New York Times article from back in 1988, before the Princeton Review started these rankings, applauds the quality of Bowdoin’s food, suggesting that among the more consistently ranked schools, there is some long-standing truth to be found in current students’ taste buds.

Here are the schools with the best campus food:

Ranking The ‘Best Campus Food’ From 2015 to 2010


2015 Rank & School2015 Rank2014 Rank2013 Rank2012 Rank2011 Rank2010 Rank
Virginia Tech142321
University of Massachesetts – Amherst23310NRNR
Cornell University358859
Bowdoin College411212
St. Olaf College58131963
James Madison University624534
Washington University in St. Louis79571010
Bryn Mawr College8109487
College of the Atlantic977NR1718
St. Anselm College1012101116NR
Skidmore College11NRNRNRNRNR
Wheaton College12661413
Tufts University131417NRNRNR
Seattle University14NRNRNRNRNR
Claremont McKenna College1511NRNRNR16
Bates College161611NRNR17
Boston University17NRNR13NRNR
Dartmouth College18NRNRNRNRNR
Goucher College19NRNR18NRNR
University of Notre Dame20131220911
Middlebury CollegeNR15NRNR13NR
Miami University (Ohio)NR1718NRNRNR
University of San DiegoNR18NRNRNRNR
University of DaytonNR19NRNRNRNR
University of GeorgiaNR20156712
Purdue University – West LafayetteNRNR14NRNR19
Scripps CollegeNRNR161612NR
Gettysburg CollegeNRNR19NRNR20
St. Lawrence UniversityNRNR20NRNRNR
Colby CollegeNRNRNR9116
University of ScrantonNRNRNR12NRNR
University of RichmondNRNRNR1419NR
Kansas State UniversityNRNRNR15NRNR
University of New HampshireNRNRNR17NRNR
Franklin W. Olin College of EngineeringNRNRNRNR145
University of California – Los AngelesNRNRNRNR15NR
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeNRNRNRNR188
Occidental CollegeNRNRNRNR20NR

Source: The Princeton Review