Getting A Business Technology Degree — 5 Admissions Tips For A Top-Notch Business School


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Hey there, future business mogul!

Are you dreaming of earning a valuable bachelor’s degree in business administration at a top-notch business school? Well, you’re in the right place! Today, we’ll dive into admissions and share seven essential tips to make your application shine.

But first, let’s talk about the power of a business technology degree. What can you do with it? The possibilities are endless! From driving innovation to leading digital transformation, this degree opens doors to lucrative career opportunities.

So grab your notepad and get ready to discover the insider secrets that will boost your chances of getting into your dream business school

Let’s go!


Navigating towards the perfect business school is a journey. It’s about finding a place that resonates with your ambitions, learning approach, and career vision. Here’s how to chart your path.

  • Define your goals: before diving into programs, crystallize your career aspirations. Are you eyeing entrepreneurship, leadership in a tech powerhouse, or driving innovation in a different field? Clarity on these goals will help pinpoint the right programs.
  • Survey programs: armed with your goals, survey business technology degree programs. Examine the courses, specializations, faculty, and resources like school’s facilities or technology labs.
  • Evaluate schools: after compiling a list of potential schools, dig deeper. Which ones shine for their business technology programs? Use rankings as a guide but also scrutinize alumni outcomes. What roles do the graduates hold? Where are they working now? This can shed light on the school’s industry reputation.
  • Gather insider info: with a shortlist in hand, gather insider info. Connect with alumni or current students for firsthand insights about the program, faculty, and overall student experience. Attend open houses or information sessions to gauge the school’s culture.
  • Visit the Campus: If feasible, visit the campus. It’s crucial to feel comfortable and inspired by the environment since you’ll be spending a significant time there. If it feels like a place where you can thrive—you’re on the right track.


Your application is your golden ticket to your dream business school. It’s more than a collection of grades and test scores — it’s your personal narrative, a window into who you are and what you bring to the table.

  • Your personal statement is your opportunity to share your story. It should highlight your passion for business technology, your career goals, and why you’re drawn to this field. Use specific examples and experiences that demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment. 
  • Letters of recommendation can bolster your application by providing a third-party perspective on your abilities and achievements. Request these from teachers, employers, or mentors who know you well and can speak about your strengths, work ethic, and passion for business technology. 
  • Your resume or CV is a snapshot of your relevant achievements and experience. Don’t just list them — highlight how they align with your school of choice. These experiences can underscore your commitment, and they highlight skills that are relevant to a business technology degree.


Before you even begin your application, it’s crucial to create a solid foundation that will support your journey towards a business technology degree. This requires consistent effort and strategic choices. So what do you need to do? Here are a few tips:

  • Use all opportunities: enroll in courses like computer science, business studies, economics, or mathematics. These subjects will provide a good grounding in the fundamentals you’ll need in your degree program.
  • Maintain a high GPA: schools look for students who have proven they can handle the academic rigor of a business technology program. Consistently strong grades in your coursework can demonstrate dedication and the ability to excel in your studies.
  • Consider advanced courses or certifications in technology or business-related subjects: This could mean taking AP classes in high school, enrolling in online courses, or earning certifications from recognized tech platforms
  • Start networking: connect with professionals in the field, join clubs or organizations, or attend industry events. This will give you a real-world perspective on your chosen field and also help you build relationships that could be beneficial later on in your career.


Internships or part-time jobs can add significant weight to your application and resume.

Plus, they can provide a hands-on understanding of the industry. 

You can also join clubs or organizations related to business and technology. Participating in relevant extracurricular activities can provide opportunities to lead projects, organize events, or collaborate with others — skills highly valued in the business technology field.

Volunteering for projects or organizations that need your business technology skills can showcase your initiative and drive. It can also illustrate your ability to use your knowledge for positive impact, a quality that many business schools appreciate.


Admissions processes can be daunting, but with preparation and organization, you can navigate them successfully. Here are the most important to-dos:

  • Understand standardized test requirements: most business schools require standardized test scores. Understand what tests are required, and familiarize yourself with their format and content.
  • Create a study plan: set aside dedicated time for test preparation. Consistency is key to improving your scores and building confidence.
  • Consider prep courses or study materials: Consider enrolling in preparatory courses or using study materials to boost your test scores. These resources can provide useful strategies and practice tests to help you perform your best.
  • Stay organized and meet deadlines: keep track of all application deadlines. Missing a deadline can cost you an admission opportunity. Set reminders and make a timeline to ensure you submit all necessary materials on time.


Remember, the admission process is not just about acing your application. It’s about building a strong foundation, gaining practical experience, and preparing thoroughly for the processes.

Stay dedicated, keep your eyes on the goal, and remember, you have what it takes to succeed. You’re not just a hopeful applicant — you’re a future business mogul in the making.


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