2024 Best & Brightest Business Major: Myles Forgue, Providence College

Myles Forgue

Providence College School of Business

“First-Generation Student Marries Marketing and Theology Studies in Profession of Higher-Ed Marketing.”

Fun fact about yourself: I am a proud Eagle Scout of Troop 24 New Bedford!

Hometown: New Bedford, MA

High School: Bishop Stang High School

Major: Marketing

Minor: Theology

Favorite Business Course: Organizational Behavior

Extracurricular Activities, Community Work, and Leadership Roles During College:

Chief Content Officer, Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship (an esteemed student organization leading social media execution for Providence College School of Business)

Key Committee Chair, Friars Club (a prestigious organization that gives tours to prospective families; in this role, I coordinated alumni relations and systemized the preservation of tradition)

Retreat Leader & Peer Minister, Providence College Campus Ministry Leadership

Orientation Leader & Orientation Coordinator, Providence College Orientation, Transitions, & Leadership

Vice President, Beta Gamma Sigma

Honor Societies:

  • Dirigo Leadership Honor Society (Student Leadership)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (Business)
  • Alpha Mu Alpha (Marketing)
  • Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy)
  • Theta Alpha Kappa (Theology)
  • Liberal Arts Honors Program
  • Marketing Fellowship (Marketing Honors)

Where have you interned during your college career?

  • Student Director of Internships & Professional Engagement, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Providence, Providence, RI
  • Field Sales & Marketing Intern, Techtronic Industries (TTI), North Dartmouth, MA
  • HR & Talent Development, Techtronic Industries (TTI), Greenville, SC
  • Chief Content Officer, Providence College School of Business, Providence, RI
  • Facilitator & Marketing Specialist, half-full, Providence, RI
  • Marketing Associate, ERI, Worcester, MA

Where will you be working after graduation? ERI, Content Specialist & Discovery Strategist

Who is your favorite business professor? Having taken Organization Behavior and DEI with her, Dr. Abigail Corrington is my favorite professor at the Providence College School of Business. As someone deeply interested in the intersection of organization development and brand management, I was fascinated by the research she shared on how the diversifying labor force will seek and share meaning through the world of work in decades to come. Facilitating a learning environment of psychological safety and experimentation in discussion, I found myself bringing all my experiences to class, considering how I could shape each organization I take and share space in.

What is the biggest lesson you gained from studying business? “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise.” Through my studies and early career, I have discovered the imperative of cultivating community and seeking advice, inspiration, and expertise from others around you. I credit this recognition to the community that has encouraged me to be who I’m meant to be and set the world on fire.

What has surprised you most about majoring in business? Especially as a first-generation student who entered college as an English major, I was really surprised at how the fundamentals of business were best picked up through case studies and experiential learning. I quickly came to learn how important continuous research is to excelling in learning and life.

Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? Serving as the Chief Content Officer for the Providence College School of Business has been my proudest undergraduate achievement. As manager of the Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship, I led a team of nine talented students who managed the social media accounts for the PCSB. Under my leadership, we focused on elevating the student voice, showcasing how ‘Friars Hold Doors,’ and sharing our faculty and students ‘think like a Friar.’

Which classmate do you most admire? A friend and classmate I most admire is Santiago Najarro-Cano. He breathes joy and hope to every club and organization he works with, and has a gift for inspiring others to aim for excellence. Starting in the pandemic, Providence College has rallied behind the message that “You’re never alone in Friartown.” Santi makes this promise credible, affirming others as seen and heard no matter how busy he may be.

Who would you most want to thank for your success? I would like to thank Liz Lombard, my career coach and our Career Center’s Associate Director for Diversity, Inclusion, & Early Engagement, for my success. I often joke that she is one of the longest-standing members of my “personal board of directors,” always helping me envision what impact I can make at school, in work, and in life by leaning into my strengths. Her compassion and conviction have helped me chart my path at Providence College, leading me to take risks and be myself across many corners of campus.

What are the top two items on your professional bucket list? I aspire to earn my doctorate either in organization development or higher education. God-willing, I envision owning a firm that specializes in helping educational institutions and youth development organizations articulate and illustrate their value to the world.

What made Myles such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2024?

“In one word, Myles is incredible. I mean this in the truest sense of the word—it is hard to believe that Myles does everything that he does. He is a fantastic student, maintaining stellar grades throughout his college career while holding multiple jobs at once, guiding his peers as a leader within several different organizations on campus, being asked by professors to represent the college in several different capacities, being named to quite a few different honor societies, and serving his community through his volunteer work.

Now, these achievements and accolades are undoubtedly impressive; however, what stands out more than what Myles has done is who Myles is. He is pure light. When he enters a room, the energy shifts. This became clear to me the very first time I met Myles when he was a sophomore student enrolled an introductory business course I teach. Within moments, I quickly understood that Myles is an absolute dream student, a sense that proved to be truer than I imagined as the semester went on. It was no surprise, then, that two years later when I saw Myles’ name on the roster for my upper-level course, I lit up.

Myles is all in on everything he does. During every single class session, he is engaged, completely locked in on what is being taught or discussed. Not only is he engaged; he is engaging. When he speaks, people listen. He is open, vulnerable, and courageous, which I’ve observed many times over has served as an implicit invitation for his classmates to follow suit. He supports and validates his classmates, creating a trusting and positive climate. In class, he consistently emerges as a leader during group conversations and projects, and he does so without diminishing others’ voices—a fine line to walk, but one that Myles walks with ease. He asks some of the most insightful questions that I’ve been asked by an undergraduate student. In fact, on multiple occasions, I had to go off and do some research before being able to respond to him. Myles is a deep and expansive thinker; he is not limited by convention or fear. He applies what he learns to new and varied contexts, creating possibility and value where none previously existed. He is one of the most skilled and gifted writers I’ve had the joy of teaching. He consistently produces excellent work that I have used as models for other students and classes. Again, he is incredible.

What is striking about Myles is how quickly he rises to the top of what he does across so many different contexts. I know this to be true based on my own observations, as well as conversations I’ve had with others in several different spheres about this bright young person. He is a stand-out individual who knows nothing other than excellence. Myles is wildly versatile, with so many different talents and interests, there are countless things he could end up doing and becoming, and I can’t wait to see what that is (and more likely, what they are). What is certain is that regardless of exactly what he ends up deciding to do with his time, he will shine. There’s no other way to be for Myles.

Last semester, a classmate wrote about Myles, “the man, the myth, the legend.” And I believe that sums it up.”

Abigail Corrington, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Management


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