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Experts Highlight These Two Key Admissions Changes

The college admissions process is constantly changing. Whether it’s new standardized testing policies or an increased focus on social media presence, it can be hard for students and their parents to keep up.

Tiffany Sorensen, a tutor at Varsity Tutors and contributor at US News, recently highlighted a few key factors of college admissions that both students and their parents should be aware of.


One of the biggest changes to the SAT was the introduction of a new digital format—a change that College Board says will help reduce some of the rigidity and stress of the testing experience.

“Tests will continue to be offered during the school day or over the weekend, under the watchful eye of a proctor,” Sarah Wood, a reporter for US News, writes. “But now, students can bring their own laptop or tablet, use a school-issued device or borrow a device provided by the College Board.”

In recent years, a number of colleges and universities have also gone test-optional in their admissions policies. But experts say it could still be a good idea to take the test.

“Even test-optional schools will generally put high value on high test scores, so students should still try their best on these tests and use test optional as a fallback if they don’t earn a score that would be an asset on their college applications,” Sorensen writes.


More and more admissions officers are looking into applicants’ social media presence when making an admissions decision. But, experts say, the increased focus on social media presence, can be a good thing for applicants.

“Of course, intolerant status updates and pictures of alcohol or drug consumption could be grounds for rejection,” Sorensen writes. “On the other hand, posts and other online content that evidence a student’s personality, talents and achievements in a positive light can only work in his or her favor.”

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