Benefits Of Entering Undeclared

Gies students at Signing Day, smiling and holding up signs that read, "Supply Chain Management" and "Marketing."Gies Business is a direct admissions college, meaning all incoming freshmen are admitted into Gies and designated as undeclared majors. We believe new students need time to explore career and major opportunities before determining a set course of study. Most students declare their major during their sophomore year.

All business students take a core curriculum that exposes them to various aspects of business, including accounting, marketing, management, business analytics, and more. Based upon their interests, students select a major in any of the following degree programs: accounting, finance, information systems, operations management, management with a concentration (entrepreneurship, general, and international), marketing, supply chain management, and strategic business development and entrepreneurship. Many students decide to double major and/or combine a major with a minor.

When students are ready to declare their major, we celebrate. Signing Day is one of the biggest events of the year for Gies College of Business. Students come up on stage and publicly declare their major. To add to the excitement, we like to bring in special guests for the big day. Guests to Signing Day have included Illinois head football coach Lovie Smith, athletic director Josh Whitman, and our College’s namesakes Larry and Beth Gies.

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