Gies Rolls Out Innovative New Undergrad Cohort Curriculum

Students in Gies College class Business 101: Professional Responsibility and Business.Gies College of Business’ sequence of cohort courses is foundational to the educational experience. All first-year students complete Business 101. This course explores the social value of business, the vocation of business, and ethics and professional responsibility. Business 101 helps students think aspirationally about business and how it adds value for customers. Students emerge with a strong sense of what it means to participate in communities of all kinds – and why responsibility and accountability are so essential to a career in any type of business.

Business 201: Business Dynamics, launched in 2018, is built around a business simulation. Second-year students are introduced to the primary functional areas of business and how each functional area relates to create a business system. In addition to engaging in a dynamic business simulation, students are taught to think and engage like leaders. The ability to manage teams, become effective presenters, network, and manage conflicts prepares students to enter Business 301: Business in Action – the largest experiential learning course in the nation.

In Business 301, students work on a real organizational problem with an actual client. Students work closely with their client to identify, analyze, and present recommendations for a viable solution. This course develops three core skills in all Gies students: the ability to work in teams, the knowledge to solve complex problems, and the confidence to effectively tell their story to recruiters and managers.

Finally, Business 401: Global Business Perspectives teaches all seniors about the globalization of business. Topics like technology, GDP, trade, culture, and environment help students take stock of the world around them. They’re also taught to develop skills to overcome personal and professional obstacles, reflect upon what motivates them, and think about small ways they can improve the world around them. In addition to these four cohort courses, each Gies undergraduate student will take at least two semesters of data analytics that will prepare them to become well-rounded business leaders of tomorrow.

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