Immersion Trips With Gies College of Business

Gies business students on camelback during an immersion experience.The business environment is becoming increasingly global, and companies are urgently looking for new employees who have global experiences. The opportunity for immersive international experiences through Gies College of Business can prepare you to work and compete in the global business environment.

The Gies-specific immersive trips and study abroad programs are affordable, provide college credit, and can easily integrate into your schedule without affecting the graduation timeline. The dedicated staff members in the Gies Business Study Abroad Office strive to make the entire experience smooth and seamless for our students.

Throughout its programs, Gies Business fosters a community of cooperation where ideas can cross-pollinate across disciplines, across cultures, and across borders. Gies maintains international partnerships with world-renowned business schools. In fact, more than 53% of students participate in an international experience during their Gies education. Many students study abroad during their sophomore or junior year; others participate in one of the many short-term international programs available throughout their time at Gies.

  • Semester programs: These study abroad programs are available only for undergraduate students in Gies College of Business. All provide a sufficient number of courses in English, and you will be able to take business courses in all study abroad programs.
  • Short-term Programs: Short-term faculty-led programs sponsored by Gies College of Business have gone to such countries as Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and many others.
  • Summer Internships: The eight-week program consists of a two-week academic program at the University College Dublin, Gies’ partner university, combined with a six-week internship placement based in Dublin, Ireland.

The opportunities for immersive, international experiences provided through Gies College of Business can set you apart in job interviews, and they will be adventures you remember all your life. We encourage all students to study abroad!

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