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Emory University Goizueta Business School


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1300 Clifton Rd
Atlanta, GA 30322
Admissions Office:

Tuition & Fees In-State: $194,996 (as of 2020)*

Tuition & Fees Out-of-State: $194,996 (as of 2020)*

Average Debt: 36,213 (as of 2020)

International: 21%

Minority: 17%

First generation college students: 13%

When do students declare their majors: Junior Year

Acceptance Rate: 15%

Acceptance Rate Transfers: Not Reported%

Average SAT: 1,435

Average ACT: Not Reported

Average GPA: Not Reported

HS Class Top Ten: 83%**

*The total cost of the degree over four years for the most recent graduating class inclusive of school fees, room, board, or living expenses.

** HS Class Top Ten is the percent of the student population that graduated high school in the top ten percent of their class.

*** Please note that these statics are provided for the business school major only whenever possible. If a school does not track these statistics separately, then the university-wide statistics are provided.

Although the Goizueta Business School at Emory University had landed at No. 16 for the past two years, the B-school finally broke through climbed to No. 11 in the 2022 rankings — edging closer to placing in the top 10 for undergraduate business schools.

The Atlanta-based business school is one of few remaining two-year undergraduate programs in which Emory students have to apply to Goizueta as sophomores. This year’s incoming class of students experienced an acceptance rate of 14.77%, more exclusive than last year’s 17.79%, and boasted an average SAT score of 1435, down only 5 points from last year’s 1440 for the Class of 2020.

Goizueta students have access to the rich cultural hub of Atlanta, home to several Fortune 500 companies and dynamic startups. Through a number of experiential learning courses, Goizueta students are given a variety of opportunities to apply their studies to solve real-world issues and leave a positive impact. Being in Atlanta, it’s not surprising Goizueta students have strong employment outcomes year after year. Some 95.40% of the Class of 2021 secured a business-focused internship before graduation, down less than a percentage from the Class of 2020’s 96% rate.

A total of 95% of the Class of 2021 landed a full-time position by the time of graduation — up exactly 10% from last year’s 85% for the Class of 2020. The B-school dropped to 85% employment in 2020 from 95% of the Class of 2019 employed, which can likely be attributed to the COVID-19 economic downturn — but the B-school has bounced back.

An overwhelming 95.83% of 2019 alumni reported that their first job after graduating was in their desired industry, with a solid 76.39% saying that their initial job was with their desired company.

Overall, the Goizueta education offers students unique access to the rich cultural hub of Atlanta and a variety of opportunities to apply their business skills and make a real impact on the world around them. Goizueta is in an interestingly competitive B-school market with Georgia Tech’s Scheller College and the University of Georgia’s Terry School also being in the region. But students looking for an established and traditional B-school setting with a flair for entrepreneurship and innovation, should definitely consider Emory’s Goizueta School.


As a two-year program, students spend the first two years of their undergraduate education fulfilling liberal arts requirements before officially starting business courses. Once in the business school, the Goizueta curriculum requires students to complete at least one primary “area of depth,”which include: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems & Operations Management, Marketing, and Strategy & Management Consulting. Each area of depth consists of a set of core courses and four electives. 


Goizueta’s home base of Atlanta offers students unique access to a hub of innovative and dynamic companies from Fortune 500 brands to startups. When asked how they would appraise Goizueta’s efforts to connect them with practicing professionals in the business community, 2019 alumni gave an average rating of 9. 

Whether through internships or coursework, Goizueta students have a number of opportunities to work with real companies and make meaningful connections.

“For my business valuation class, I was given a chance to pitch to a real-world startup to help them with their funding needs from VC,” one 2018 alumni told us.

“I partnered with CocaCola to consult with large, multinational corporations on integrated marketing campaigns,” another 2018 alumni said. 


Learning by doing is an important component of business education. Using a scale from 1-10, 2019 Goizueta alumni rated the business program’s ability to prepare them for the world of work positively with a solid 9 average rating. When it comes to nurturing soft skills such as verbal and written communication skills, adaptability, delegation, and time management, 2019 alumni gave a strong 9.1 average rating. 

Many B-schools offer hands-on learning experiences for their students, but few can attest to the impact of that experience on both students and the clients or communities they serve. Goizueta alumni highlighted several experiences where they applied their studies in real world situations to make a positive impact. 

“I was able to take a management consulting class that helped prepare me for a career in consulting,” one 2018 alumni told us. “We worked with a nonprofit client to solve one of their business challenges regarding deciding whether or not to launch an app. The experience was unique because it provided the students with a hands-on learning opportunity, and the client with research and practical recommendations.”

“Our capstone project replicated real world business issues and problems,” another 2018 alumni told us. “We were not viewed as students, but as an integral part of coming up with a real solution.

“I took a social enterprise course where our class traveled to Nicaragua to learn more about how entrepreneurs applied business principles in their efforts to achieve meaningful societal impact in a region with a variety of developmental challenges,” the alumni said. “We visited a coffee farm, garment factory, hammock shop, and after-school coding program, to name a few.”

Alumni say:

“I worked on a consulting project with a local non-profit organization as part of my Catalyzing Social Impact class at Goizueta. It was an integral part of my education and allowed me to put theory into practice and work on deliverables that mirrored what would be asked of me on the job. I also was able to collaborate with a wonderful group of classmates and it was an extremely memorable class for all of us.”

“GIMG (Goizueta Investment Management Group) – Having the opportunity to make real world investments and speak to the experience in an interview helped me to stand out from other applicants and showed my “experience” beyond just theory in the classroom.”

“I conducted an independent study project with one of my business professors (Tom Smith in the Finance department). He taught me in the Sports Finance course. I enjoyed the experience and subject matter so much that I expanded a project from that course into a semester-long research project. He was an incredible mentor and phenomenal resource throughout that process.”

“Putting us in the shoes of strategic managers making difficult decisions allowed me to appreciate the difficulties required in every aspect of a business, and allowed me to learn how to attempt to make certain decisions.”

“The most integral class I took was Marketing Consulting Practicum (MCP). I did hands-on work with a client and learned how to operate at a professional level and produce high-quality insights with a team. My confidence grew significantly, and I still view that experience as the turning point of my early career.”

Where The Class of 2018 Went To Work:

PwC – 25

EY – 19

Deloitte – 12

Newell Brands – 11

American Express – 8

SunTrust – 7

Accenture – 6

Goldman Sachs – 6

Grant Thornton – 6

BlackRock – 5

Deutsche Bank – 5

J.P. Morgan – 5