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Ithaca College School of Business


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School Data

Tuition & Fees In-State: $261,462*

Tuition & Fees Out-of-State: $261,462*

Average Salary: $49,330

Graduates With Jobs 90 Days After Graduation: 89%

When do students declare their majors: Freshman Year

International: 4%

Minority: 22%

First generation college students: 22%

Acceptance Rate: 76%

Average SAT: 1,258

Average ACT: 27

Average GPA: 3.28

HS Class Top Ten: 39%**

*The total tuition and fees for the most recent graduating class. This does not include books, room, or board.

** HS Class Top Ten is the percent of the student population that graduated high school in the top ten percent of their class.

*** Please note that these statistics are provided for the business school major only whenever possible. If a school does not track these statistics separately, then the university-wide statistics are provided.

The Ithaca College’s School of Business landed at an impressive No. 66 in this year’s 2023 rankings – leaping ahead a whole 12 places from last year’s No. 78 in the 2022 rankings. Of the three methodological categories, Ithaca scored best in Career Outcomes, landing at No. 55.

The B-school had a much more selective acceptance rate of 76% for the most recent incoming class compared to last year’s incoming class with a 82.81% acceptance rate. The newest class’s average SAT scores averaged 1258 – similar to last year’s 1261 but down a few points. 

As far as year-over-year comparisons go, Ithaca was one of the most impressive B-Schools this year in terms of career outcomes and internship rates. Internship rates shot up to 96% for the Class of 2023 in contrast to last year’s 84% for the Class of 2022 landing at least one internship before graduation. Employment outcomes were also excellent, with 89.04% of the Class of 2023 securing full-time employment within three months of graduation compared to last year’s 82.36% for the Class of 2022.

Ithaca College School of Business offers an extraordinary undergraduate business program that emphasizes learning by doing with strong experiential learning opportunities, an in-depth professional development program, and cutting-edge resources.


Ithaca College School of Business offers the following portfolio of undergraduate majors: Accounting, Finance (with Asset Management, Corporate Finance, and Wealth Management tracks), International Business, Marketing, Management, Sport Management, and Secondary Concentrations in Corporate Accounting and Sports Marketing. The Management concentration now offers two tracks; one in Analytics and one in Strategic Leadership. Within each major curriculum, experiential learning is well-integrated with plenty of case studies, consulting projects, and service-learning opportunities to give students hands-on experiences.

All first-year students are required to take a comprehensive “World of Business” course, where they are introduced to the key functions of business and work in student teams to run a simulated company. One thing that makes this course especially unique is that the World of Business professor also acts as students’ official advisor for their first two years. This creates a strong mentorship as the professor gets to connect with students more and understand their goals and interests. 

Another strong example of the experiential learning at Ithaca is in its Sports Management program. Past students have participated in faculty-led internships at events such as Super Bowls (L-LIII), Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, NCAA basketball tournaments, and the “Cortaca Jug” game at MetLife Stadium (the annual college football matchup between the Red Dragons of the State University of New York at Cortland and the Bombers of Ithaca College). 


Ithaca College takes a truly holistic approach to professional development. All undergraduate business students are required to take the Professions Program, a four-year professional development curriculum that includes networking and interview skills, personal branding, professional dress, and etiquette. Students begin by taking part in workshops such as “Making Success a Habit” and “All-Star Interviewing.” 

What really makes the Professions Program unique, however, are the courses. In “Informational Interview,” students explore a career path of interest and conduct an interview with a professional in their field of interest using the skills that they learned in their workshops. In “Career Exploration,” students spend 30 hours shadowing an organization in their field of interest and interviewing employees to learn more about their role and the business. While many B-schools offer resume and etiquette workshops, Ithaca College takes professional development one step further by requiring students to apply their workshop learnings into action. 


Within the B-school, students have access to a number of state-of-the-art facilities and resources to utilize. Ithaca has two technology labs; the Neeson Business Analytics Lab and the Neeson Digital Marketing Lab, as well as a trading room. 

The cutting-edge resources are a strong example of how Ithaca College approaches business education. Here, learning exists both within and beyond the classroom environment. They apply their knowledge by using the software that practitioners use every day. Because, at Ithaca College, learning business is a lot like doing business in the real world. And that’s exactly what makes it unique.

Alumni say: 

Many of the projects we did through the Management concentration were great at building skills around collaboration and working with others. For one of them, we partnered with a local company of our choosing to help consult on a business case they’re currently facing. It was an excellent learning experience with a real organization.”

“I can speak from experience that Ithaca preps students for excel readiness even more than those that I work with who graduated from top business schools across the country. I’ve noticed new hires at my company that have never taken a business analytics course, and I’m thankful Ithaca has made this a requirement for graduation. It’s not something to be taken for granted, and an extremely valued skill for new college hires.”

“For one of our Business Development classes, we were required to go into the local Ithaca community and work with small business owners to formulate a plan to improve aspects of their business. It was really great to work hands-on and observe a business while trying to figure out how to improve their operations.”

“I worked with a local company to provide a digital marketing plan for their business. This experience allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills I learned in class to real-world situations where my decisions had an impact.”

Contact Information

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Ithaca, NY 14850
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The AACSB-accredited School of Business at Ithaca College combines a rigorous professional education with a foundation in the liberal arts, giving students a competitive, diverse skill set in the functional areas of business, communication, and critical thinking. A comprehensive professional development curriculum provides the tools to apply these skills in real-world learning opportunities and internships. Our students graduate ready to become professional leaders, managers, and analysts.

Theory, Practice, Perform.

Our roots as a music conservatory can be seen in the touchstone phrase that embodies the Ithaca College educational experience: “Theory, Practice, Perform.” This informs everything we do. Our undergraduate experience relies on extensive co- and extracurricular activities, experiential learning opportunities, and professional development. Business school students manage equity portfolios totaling over $800K and participate in national and international academic competitions, and student entrepreneurs from across campus compete for funds to launch their own businesses.

The Ithaca College School of Business Edge

Professional Development: Starting in their first semester, students participate in professional workshops, events, and student organizations. Our Professions Program prepares students for high-level, competitive internships. Beginning with a required informational interview and progressing to a 30-hour career exploration, students gain experiences and build skills that help them focus their career goals and make meaningful professional connections.

Faculty Excellence: Our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for high-quality research that makes an impact on both theory and practice. Their true passion, however, is engaging with students. Whether teaching in the classroom, supervising internships and independent studies, or advising, our faculty put students front and center.

Immersive Advising: We believe advising is an essential component to success as well as student satisfaction. Our introductory World of Business experience is taught by faculty who serve as first-year advisors. Students gain knowledge in business and teamwork skills while developing close relationships with their advisors.

Alumni Network: Our alumni work in some of the most recognizable companies in the world, from big-four accounting firms and investment banks to global retail brands and professional sports teams. Others manage small businesses or start their own. They’re also passionate about IC and love to share their expertise with current students. Each year, we bring over 100 alumni to campus, many of whom sponsor internships and hire our students when they graduate.

Our Programs

The School of Business offers undergraduate degrees in accounting and business administration. We also are home to an inter-disciplinary major in legal studies. Students are admitted directly to their majors of choice in their first year. Business courses are intertwined with our innovative core curriculum, giving students the full breadth and depth of skills to be successful in today’s dynamic business world.

Within the business administration major, students choose one or more concentrations:

  • Finance (corporate finance, asset management, and wealth management tracks)
  • International business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sport management
  • Corporate accounting

The curriculum is flexible enough that close to half our students complete a double concentration, a minor, or second major outside of business.

At the graduate level, we offer both an accelerated, one-year MBA and an M.S. in accounting. The M.B.A. enables students to remain on campus for a fifth year and leave with both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. The M.S. in accounting satisfies the CPA licensure requirement for the state of New York and gives students the option to create a focused track in audit or taxation.

Our Location

The Ithaca College School of Business is located in Ithaca, New York, consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top college towns, in the beautiful Finger Lakes region. At the same time, we offer innovative programs designed to get our students into the metropolitan hubs in the Northeast. Students enjoy meaningful alumni connections, extensive internship opportunities, and valuable networking events in sites such as Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. Students may also spend a semester abroad or in New York City through the ICNYC program.

See IC for Yourself

There’s no better way to get a feel for Ithaca than to check out our campus in person. We encourage prospective students and their families to join us for a campus tour, individual appointment, admission presentation or open house program. Visit ithaca.edu/admission/visit/  for information about the options to experience the campus.