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Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business


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School Data

Tuition & Fees In-State: $211,992*

Tuition & Fees Out-of-State: $211,99*

Average Debt: $27,318

When do students declare their majors: Freshman Year

Internship Rate: 87%

Graduates With Jobs 90 Days After Graduation: 94%

Total Average Compensation (Including Bonus): $68,403

International: 6%

Minority: 16%

First generation college students: 7%

Acceptance Rate: 44%

Average SAT: 1,351

Average ACT: 30

HS Class Top Ten: 45%**

*The total tuition and fees for the most recent graduating class. This does not include books, room, or board.

** HS Class Top Ten is the percent of the student population that graduated high school in the top ten percent of their class.

*** Please note that these statics are provided for the business school major only whenever possible. If a school does not track these statistics separately, then the university-wide statistics are provided.

The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University is grounded in deep traditions of values-based learning in the midst of the innovative Silicon Valley.

This unique environment of tradition and innovation creates a remarkable education that builds business leaders.

“We form the next generation of business leaders and global thinkers who will pursue new technology, employ creativity, engage with communities, and utilize an entrepreneurial mindset to support the University’s mission of building a more just, humane, and sustainable world,” Caryn Beck-Dudley, Dean of the Leavey School of Business, says.


Values are an integral part of how students learn at Leavey. Students are taught to be conscientious leaders with the knowledge that to lead others, they must first learn to lead themselves.

“By incorporating personal virtue, purpose, tenacity, and accountability into our leadership education we are unlocking the abilities of our students to become the future business leaders of tomorrow,” Beck-Dudley says.

One example of this is the Conscientious Capitalism course. Through the course, a team of 21 seniors engage in 10 weeks of inspiring guest lectures, provocative case studies, and intensive personal leadership development. The goal of the course is to “inspire and teach students to lead themselves and others in a business and social environment undergoing dramatic and increasingly rapid change.”

Another example is the Global Fellows program, a unique, a 9-month leadership program culminating in a summer international internship. The Program has sent over 250 students to intern in Bolivia, India, China, Indonesia, The Gambia, Morocco, Ghana, Guatemala, Tanzania, Armenia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Zanzibar, and Turkey.

According to Leavey, the goal of the Global Fellows Program is to” foster global citizens of competence, conscience, and compassion through an emphasis on service, academics, and leadership.”


Located in Santa Clara, the Leavey School of Business has direct access to Silicon Valley’s innovative companies.

For students, that means more internships and job opportunities. Some of the most popular employers of Leavey grads? Cisco, Google, Apple, EY, Oracle, Deloitte, PwC, Salesforce, Adobe, Intel, Facebook, ServiceNow, and HP.

“We have cultivated deep relationships and strong engagements with the business community in Silicon Valley for internship and career placement, intellectual capital infusion, and educational partnerships,” Beck-Dudley says. “Our students live, learn, work, and play in the world’s capital of innovation.”

One of the ways students can connect with the Silicon Valley region is through the university career center.

“Leavey students also have access to a university-wide network of faculty and staff who, through the Career Center, engage with students through mentoring, advising, and connecting,” Beck-Dudley says.

Since many SCU alumni live and work in Silicon Valley, Leavey students can build powerful connections to opportunities in the region.

“This alumni network feeds strong corporate mentorships, internships, executive lectures, and career opportunities,” Beck-Dudley says.


In their first two years, Leavey students take common core liberal arts courses along with introductory business courses. In their junior year, they begin to dive deeper into business courses and specialize in their desired major.

All of this leads to their senior year when Leavey students take part in the capstone project.

Through the project, students work together to analyze a company in all functions ranging from accounting and finance to marketing and operations.

Andrew Chait, a Class of 2016 alumn, says the capstone project was one of the most significant experiences during his time at Leavey.

“I thought the capstone project was really the culmination of what the business school was all about: thriving in a team setting with taking a deep dive into a current business’ model and see if it would be successful and offering ways to create an even more successful business,” Chait says.

Ryan Moyes, a Class of 2016 alumn, says he and his team wrote a report covering Amazon’s business model and market strategy for their capstone project.

“I gained valuable critical thinking skills from both the business case studies and a capstone project in that class,” Moyes says.

What alumni say:

“One project that stood out to me was in one of my marketing classes, we were asked to help an actual startup market their company. We got to do actual market research, create pitches, pretty much start from the beginning to the end. In the end, we were able to see results for the company we helped and how our project help generate interest for the company.”  – Recent Alumni

“Under Professor Bill Mains, I was accepted into the Alaskan Immersion trip in which we traveled to Denali, and Gelina, AK to learn and help implement sustainability best practices with a diverse set of students (engineering, finance, marketing, and communications). through this immersion trip, my freshmen year, I found a passion for the great outdoors and sustainability.” – Recent Alumni

“Our final capstone project involved a thorough analysis of a selected company in all functions ranging from accounting and finance to marketing and operations. It was great to put on all these different hats to complete the task and really piece together all the learning that cumulated over 4 years.” – Recent Alumni

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