2022 Best & Brightest Business Major: Jonathan David Parker, Drexel University (LeBow)

Jonathan David Parker

Drexel University, LeBow College of Business

“I am a curious and open-minded individual enthusiastically taking on the world around me.”  

Fun fact about yourself: I am in the process of becoming a dual citizen with Portugal given my family’s historical roots in the Iberian Peninsula!

Hometown: Oakhurst, NJ

High School: Hillel Yeshiva High School

Major: Finance, Real Estate Management & Development (REMD)

Minor:  History

Favorite Business Course: Mergers & Acquisitions (FIN345) with Dr. David Becher

Extracurricular Activities, Community Work and Leadership Roles During College:


  • Student at Drexel University’s Pennoni Honors College
  • Nina Henderson Provost Scholar 
  • Member of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society
  • Recipient of the Josephine and Julius Cohen Award in Judaic Studies 
  • Nominee for the Community Pillar Award by Hillel at Drexel


  • President of Biddle Law Society (Drexel’s Pre-Law Society)
  • Delegate & Academic Lead of the LeBow Dean’s Student Advisory Board
  • Anti-Racism Fellow at Hillel serving Drexel University
  • Delegate at International Week hosted by the Berlin School of Economics & Law (BSEL/HWR)
  • Presenter and Delegate at the Student Global Leadership Conference hosted by the Foundation for International Education (FIE) in London, England

Where have you interned during your college career?

  1. Sky Equities, Monmouth County NJ — Acquisitions Intern
  2. Allan Domb Real Estate, Philadelphia, PA — Property Management Assistant
  3. Pennrose Management (Affordable Housing), Philadelphia, PA — Asset Management Analyst

Where will you be working after graduation? I will be going to Law School.

Who is your favorite professor? Andrew S. Genetta. I took Professor Genetta for Contract Law (BLAW201) where I was encouraged to think about business and the law in an abstract and unique way. His teaching style and leadership qualities demonstrated his desire for students to think creatively and analytically and were strengthened by his constant display of commitment to his students’ success.

What is the biggest lesson you gained from studying business? The biggest lesson I have gained from studying business is understanding that the field has vast global influences with large scale implications. This affords many corporations and individuals a great deal of power to make economic, social, and political changes throughout the world. Wielding this influence and expertise ultimately gives these groups, including business students, the ability and obligation to create a future that benefits society in a positive manner.

What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field? Take advantage of the many professional and academic opportunities to be mentored by a business professional in your field of interest. Whether through case competitions, business clubs, or internship opportunities, mentors are an invaluable asset to a business student’s success. Being able to receive advice and gain insight on a specific business sector from a professional who has already established themselves in the industry will help students grow their knowledge base and determine whether they would like to pursue a career in the specific field after graduation.

What has surprised you most about majoring in business? The most surprising aspect of studying business was learning how interrelated and multifaceted all of the different sectors of business were. Prior to attending business school, I had the impression that my major would confine me to a specific type of business acumen; however, through my studies, I have realized that this was untrue. Whether studying or pursuing a career in finance, marketing or economics, each sector of business depends on the other to properly function and realize its true potential. Additionally, studying business requires knowledge of other fields including STEM and the social sciences, which all directly affect the business world and its decisions.

Looking back over your experience, what is the one thing you’d do differently in business school and why? Given the fact that I majored in multiple subjects, the opportunity to take business electives for me was slim. If I could do one thing differently, I would have tailored my schedule to allow me to take more business electives in subjects I was interested in including economics and organizational management. This would ultimately allow me to explore and expand upon my interests within the greater field of business.

Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? Being selected as a Provost Scholar has been an achievement that I am most proud of. After being chosen amongst over 200 applicants to represent Drexel University, I was paired with the vice provost of undergraduate education to work on reimagining dual undergraduate degrees where I represented the LeBow College of Business. My work focuses on the benefits of an interdisciplinary education, which I bring experience from, and how this can help Drexel University advance its strategic position to adapt their curricula and help students achieve their highest academic potential. This position has allowed me to work directly with the administration of the University to fulfill one of my goals in giving back to the institution to foster an environment that benefits students in the greatest way possible.

Which classmate do you most admire? My peer, Emily Baik. Emily has consistently shown a willingness to lend her peers a hand whenever they were in need of academic or professional support and has fostered leadership and collaboration in a professional manner.

Who would you most want to thank for your success? It would be my father, who has guided and taught me the value of hard work and perseverance in order to succeed both professionally and personally.

What are the top two items on your professional bucket list?

  1. Work internationally in Asia or the Middle East for a period of time
  2. Serve as an expert on a business topic relating to finance in the news

What are your hobbies? I love reading books about the social sciences, surfing and spending time with my grandparents.

What made Jonathan such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2022?

“Having known Jonathan for over four years, he is exactly who I would choose as the role model for a new student: not just for his outstanding academic and professional achievements, highly engaged involvement and well-rounded experiences, but also and mainly for his special and uplifting outlook, attitude, and approach to the world. In 30 years of teaching, Jonathan is one of the most open-minded students I have ever known. He has a real respect for others, a willingness to have meaningful conversations, and a passion to make a difference. His background and accomplishments show that, but having taught and mentored him, I was able to see it, hear it and be a part of it. He is a leader, of course, but he also knows that that is only half the story, because followership is just as important, and leadership is situational. Jonathan adapts, and in so many settings (including in other countries), I have watched him embrace each day to learn, grow and appreciate what is. He also knows when to challenge the process, share a vision, and enable others. When all is said and done, Jonathan encourages others – their heart, soul, and mind – and models the way for other students, for the college’s faculty and administration and for the people in any organization or institution he connects with. Jonathan is an invaluable addition to his class, because through and in him, the Class of 2022 will leave a long-standing mark. I already know Jonathan will be as wonderful an alumnus as he was a student.”

Dana D’Angelo
Clinical Professor, CPA, CMA





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