Favorite Business Professors Of The Class Of 2021

Daniel Lebret, Cornell University

Professor Daniel Lebret is one of the most influential figures during my time at the Hotel School. From teaching Real Estate Finance to mentoring the Cornell team in case competitions, he has helped me and many students discover our passion for real estate. He never fails to challenge me to approach real-world cases with both insight and creativity. He is also a true Excel wizard who taught me how to create financial models to support complex investment decisions. Professor Lebret genuinely cares about the success of his students and always puts in extra effort to prepare us for the industry. While he pushes his case competition teams to think harder and better, we can always count on him for an encouraging word or humorous comment in the most opportune moments.”
Carol Wang, Cornell University (Hotel Administration)

Dr. Jason Miller is my favorite MSU professor (although it is a VERY hard pick). I have worked with him on research and am currently in his supply chain management capstone course, which I believe is structured perfectly to enhance student knowledge and drive discussions of everything supply chain management. From a research standpoint, I truly admire and am in awe of his abilities to combine immense amounts of data to formulate a solution to a problem or frame a question. Working with him has shown me the true value of cross-functional work and the necessity of considering many different angles when developing a solution. In some sense, he has also made my future goals more difficult to define, because academia is now a serious option!”
Lydia Whipple, Michigan State (Broad)

“My favorite professor is Timothy Bohling. I had him for two classes, Digital Marketing and Applied Digital Marketing. I enjoyed both classes because he weaves real-life experiences into his lectures effortlessly. Furthermore, he created the concept for my Applied Digital Marketing class that allowed my classmates and me to run a digital marketing campaign for some of the graduate business programs at the University of Notre Dame. It was an invaluable experience because it enabled us to make decisions with actual campaign dollars and allowed us to respond to the data that we were seeing over the course of the campaign.”
Megan Whelan, Notre Dame (Mendoza)

Allison Burdette, Emory University (Goizueta)

“While I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite professor at a place like Goizueta, I’m infinitely grateful for all that Allison Burdette has taught me about what it means to be an educator and a good person. She’s easily one of the smartest individuals I’ve ever met, but what I admire most about Professor Burdette is the profound interest she takes in each of her students. She remembers small details about our lives and asks us about them often – where we’re from, what we’re studying, or even what we like to do in our free time. She weaves her students’ lives into class examples to help us remember the content. All of this becomes even more impressive when you factor into account that she teaches every single student in the business school; her ability to connect with students is unmatched. Her big heart is rivaled only by her personality, which is unforgettable. She’s also the first person I’d call if I ever got into legal trouble.”
Lori Steffel, Emory University (Goizueta)

“My favorite professor at Scheller is Dr. Jonathan Clarke. As a second year, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but little idea on how to get there. Dr. Clarke’s Security Valuation class gave me exposure to cases and financial modeling, really providing a valuable context of where the academic side of finance meets the practical application. Guest speakers from different spheres of business, both corporate and advisory, were invited to the class to speak on their careers and provide advice. Dr. Clarke has been immensely generous with his time and resources in helping students determine what they want to do and how to accomplish those goals. I fondly remember meeting with Dr. Clarke prior to and during the recruiting process in which he recommended both points of contact and critical perspective. There is truly no way I could have found the same path if I wasn’t lucky enough to stumble into his class and ask for help.”
Jake DiBenedetto, Georgia Tech (Scheller)

Professor William Bergman! His Introduction to Marketing class not only sparked my interest in marketing but also inspired me to look at companies from a different angle. Coming from a background in finance and accounting, I was accustomed to diving into the numbers and analyzing trends, and project forecasts. Professor Bergman urged me to look at the “why” that was driving consumer behaviors behind the scenes. Furthermore, Professor Bergman’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. His class always has lively discussions which make picking apart case studies enjoyable, and he invests in his students by taking the time to know each of them personally.”
Lizzie Reedy, University of Richmond (Robins)

Michael O’Leary, Georgetown University (McDonough)

Professor Michael O’Leary was the first business school professor I had at Georgetown. For me, he set the gold standard. He is a dedicated educator and sets a high bar for himself and his students. Professor O’Leary advocates for a positive student experience by supporting each of his students’ academic and personal interests. Personally, he continually inspires me to seek out experiences that align with my interests. For example, he supported my desire to delve into researching female entrepreneurship in Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel and I would not have discovered the areas of business that I find stimulating and rewarding without the support of Professor O’Leary.”
Alexandra Hornick, Georgetown University (McDonough)

“Although I have had so many awesome professors at RBS, Professor Ron Richter is definitely my favorite. Funny enough, we actually met prior to me taking his class. Professor Richter is also the coordinator of the Rutgers Business School Camp. When I became a camp counselor for the program, he taught me the importance of networking (and continues to emphasize it during the virtual classes I’ve taken with him) as well as being confident in my abilities. He also demonstrated a very patient and effective form of leadership in the way he ran the entire program and managed the chaos of unexpected events. He has always been a quiet mentor to me from then on, encouraging me to try something new and take on challenges that I was not sure I could handle. I have always tried to replicate his calm composure and approach to every challenging situation or uncertainty with a “can do” attitude in my leadership roles. His inspiration is partially what drove me to build up the RUBY program. If it were not for his confidence in my ability to handle it, I am not sure if I would have taken the initiative to make it happen.”
Ankita Kodali, Rutgers Business School (New Brunswick)

Dr. Roy Dejoie, Purdue University (Krannert)

Dr. Roy Dejoie is my favorite professor because he excels in his presentation methods. I have had him for both a data analytics course, Introduction to Python, and a management course, Managing Information Databases – two classes with completely different content. In one class you applied your skills on a computer and in the other, you applied management skills. In both, he had the ability to teach students through his gift of storytelling and clearly communicate the lessons to be taught. He keeps students engaged and leads you to find solutions on your own. He was always happy to provide help when needed and brought life to classes with difficult concepts!”
Chloe Jenkins, Purdue University (Krannert)

“My favorite professor is Dr. Linda LaCoste, my Global Business Perspectives professor from freshman year. This was the first true business class that I took at TCU and it paved the way for my interest in the business world on a global scale. Professor LaCoste brought her extensive knowledge from the MBA classes she was simultaneously teaching and introduced a dense subject in a clear way. She was constantly running simulations in the classroom that helped us understand various topics such as foreign currencies and business norms in other nations. Dr. LaCoste afforded us the opportunity to learn about other cultures by tasking us with having three interview-style business conversations with a TCU student who originated from another country. Since taking the course, Dr. LaCoste has continued to be a mentor of mine, showing her kindness and support in all my endeavors. I look forward to maintaining our relationship after my time at TCU is complete and continuing to learn from her.
RJ Finley, Texas Christian University (Neeley)



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