Favorite Business Professors Of The Class Of 2021

Dr. Norman Johnson, University of Houston

Dr. Norman Johnson, affectionately known as “Norm” by his students, is a professor who challenges his students with a fervor that is matched only by his wisdom and wealth of knowledge gained from his many years in academia and the private sector. Norm’s approach to teaching was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He took the notoriously difficult (and arguably boring) course of Business Statistics and used it to convey the predictive power of statistics in decision making from his perspective. Taking his course may have been the first time I felt inspired to learn the fundamental theory behind concepts prescribed in the curriculum, not simply to ace the exam but to truly understand how those concepts, could, in this case, be used to tell the story of a dataset. Outside the classroom, Norm graciously took time to check in on my personal and professional development. He would offer his sage advice and lend what I have found to be his greatest gift, a keen and comforting ear.”
Salman Al-Luqman, University of Houston (Bauer)

Deeksha Gupta, Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

“My favorite professor is Deeksha Gupta with whom I had Valuation and Financial Modelling. She was very engaging and designed her course to be as practical, relevant, and stimulating as possible. She also took the time to individually get to know her students and ensure we were all actively learning. A few times, Professor Gupta invited professionals from industry to help us explore different perspectives and career paths. Professor Gupta was always available outside class to answer any questions, offer advice, and have conversations on topics beyond our course. She even helped me prepare for an interview! I genuinely admire Professor Gupta because it was evident that her highest loyalty was to the success and education of her students. Her class actually inspired me to pursue a career in investment banking!” Shiwani Pathak, Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

“My favorite professor is Dr. Haya Ajjan. Not only did she teach my favorite course at Elon (Data Mining), but she also empowers all of her students to attack their passions with urgency and curiosity. I never thought I was capable of being a data scientist, yet after leaving her class I applied to and was accepted into the Institute of Advanced Analytics. Dr. Ajjan is proof that having a mentor to support you academically and personally will truly make a difference in your mindset for success.”
Alexandra Pirsos, Elon University

Professor Kimberley LaMarque. The skills and techniques I learned in Professor LaMarque’s Business Communication class have provided me with the expertise to thrive in both the academic and professional world. Mastering the art of effective communication and learning to speak concisely and confidently is the most important aspect of business success. Professor LaMarque effortlessly transformed her students from amateur, nervous presenters to confident, masterful speakers in a single semester. She also taught with a passion and dedication that I thoroughly admire and will always look back on fondly.”
Sekai Kaminski, Fordham University (Gabelli)

Wharton’s Adam Grant

“Professor Adam Grant is true to his words, a genuine giver, ready to help his students grow beyond the classroom. He is an original thinker, encouraging exploration and authenticity. I admire his emphasis on the importance of relationships in private life as well as in a business career and am grateful to have had him as a teacher and mentor.”
Cristina Pogorevici, Wharton School

Dr. Thomas McGahee, a Lecturer in the Department of Economics, is my favorite professor. I first had Dr. McGahee as a professor for Principles of Microeconomics during my freshman year. His vast knowledge of the subject, patience, and art of teaching, and excitement for the discipline was contagious. At this time, I knew I wanted to major in business, but was unsure of what subset to focus on. However, Dr. McGahee opened my eyes to the wonderful world of economics, its applications, and the various opportunities. I had finally discovered my passion and claimed my major. Never regretting the decision, during the first semester of my senior year, it was time to complete the capstone course to my degree: a thesis paper (scary, I know). Immediately, I knew Dr. McGahee would be the perfect professor to support me through the journey. Everything came full circle as I finished this course last semester and put the cherry on top of my economics degree with the professor who started it all.”
Amanda Arboleda, University of Georgia (Terry)

Professor Robert (Bob) Neer is one of the most impressive and intelligent people that I have encountered in my life. Since my first class with him in freshman year, I have looked up to him and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Apart from his incredibly impressive accomplishments, including being a historian, father, author, lawyer, husband, and serial entrepreneur, he is also the most engaging and hands-on professor. Professor Neer takes his students on midnight bike rides and holds classes in museums around Boston, so they get to know their new home. I greatly admire his willingness to help me and other students in any endeavor, big or small, and for his powerful vulnerability when he shares his business failures as learning lessons and cautionary tales. Professor Neer is the type of businessperson and professor that I hope to be one day.”
 Jessica Lozano Schmitt, Hult International Business School

Glenn MacDonald, Washington University (Olin)

“I have loved getting to know Glenn MacDonald, not only as a professor but also as a musician, yoga instructor, and faculty brother. What Glenn brings to the classroom is the same unhindered passion I hope to emulate in whatever it is that I do in my career. I recommend that all WashU students take his Economics of Entertainment course – a class he is continuously refining by growing his knowledge and personal network in the film and music industries. Outside the classroom, he strives to develop meaningful relationships with his students and introduce many to his own interests. My favorite ‘exclusive group’ that I have found my way into is his work-in-progress song email that he occasionally sends out when making a new EDM song. Glenn is an absurdly cool, brilliant professor who has positively influenced my four years here at WashU.”
Lucas Dionisopoulos , Washington University (Olin)

Professor Marija Baltrusaitiene. During my first semester, I took her Introduction to Economics class, which she taught with such passion that I found myself completely immersed in the subject material. I became further fascinated during her office hours as she untangled economic issues taking place around the world. Amidst all the uncertainty that characterizes freshman year, she made it clear that she believed in me. This gave me the confidence to break out of that uncertainty and double down on my passion for business.

Even after I completed the course, Professor Baltrusaitiene remained personally invested in my success and guided me through the challenges that I encountered throughout my college career. When I received an offer letter from Citi, Professor Baltrusaitiene was there to help me navigate the decision-making process and ultimately accept their offer. It was fitting that she was helping me assess a job offer that I never would have gotten had she not engendered my passion and built my confidence so early in my academic career. I am incredibly grateful for everything Professor Baltrusaitiene has gifted me over the years. She is truly an amazing example of how impactful a dedicated professor can be.”
Andrew Fedun, Lehigh University

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