Non-Wall Street Jobs For Business Majors


When you think about majoring in business, you probably imagine that you and your classmates will be making bank someday at a Wall Street company, teaming up and launching a glamorous new startup, or even just consulting or doing marketing work for big and well-to-do companies. Not every business major ends up in these places, of course.

Business is famous for teaching widely applicable skills, and the business administration major is popular because it teaches skills that employers want.

Here are a few of the less-discussed career options that business majors can excel in:

1. Agricultural Manager  


Though most farmers grew up on or worked on a family farm or ranch, farming is most certainly a business. Farmers and other agricultural managers run establishments that produce and sell goods, and most of them are self-employed.

The relationship between economics and agriculture goes from harvest to consumption, and both marketing and business management skills are valuable.

Average Salary: $40,612 per year

Source: US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor StatisticsCollegexpress, and


2. Airport Manager


An airport manager is the chief executive of an airport and is in charge of managing all finances, accounting, and capital development. He or she will also hire, supervise, and evaluate all other employees.

While these managers must have thorough knowledge of the national aviation system, the daily operations require skills that business administration students are trained in. Typically business students aiming for these positions also focus on aviation management or gain experience with airport operations in some other way.

Average Salary: $52,390 per year

Source: The Houston Chronicle and 


3. Event Planner


Event planners both organize and facilitate events – typically large gatherings for big corporations or special events like weddings. Though event planners may market themselves to outside companies, some businesses keep them on staff. Business majors do particularly well in these positions as skills like project management, budget management, and contract negotiation can greatly increase a planner’s capabilities.

Average Salary: $43,725 per year


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