How, & Where, Aid Will Slash Your B-School Bills

Business students at Wake Forest University pay the most for the privilege of attendance at any of the 82 schools ranked by PQU in 2017. Only a little more than a third — 36% — have at least some aid to offset their bills

(See next page for the rest of the schools on our 2017 ranking, re-ranked in order of total cost.) 

  • Sheldon Deng

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the numbers being used are the average need-based aid (scholarship average) and the 4-year tuition cost. Shouldn’t the need-based aid be for all four years, though it would not necessarily 4 times the current number? For example, Cornell awards 30+ thousand to its financial aid applicants each year, which adds up to 120 thousand for all four years.

    • Nathan Allen

      Hi Sheldon, the data is actually total four-year cost, which includes on campus living, food, and estimated living expenses. We take that and subtract the average merit-based scholarship and percentage of students receiving that average. I like your idea of doing four-year scholarship totals, but often times, merit-based scholarships do not carry through the entire four years, so we decided to do just one year for now.