All The Employment & Internship Data Reported In Our 2024 Undergrad B-School Ranking

Gainful employment is a big motivator for getting a business degree. After all, what good are those soaring salaries if you can’t find an employer to pay them?

The good news: Business graduates from many schools can expect to have a job offer within 90 days of walking the stage, according to data collected in our 2024 ranking of the Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the United States.

Two schools placed every graduate who sought a job for the Class of 2023: University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business (ranked No. 18 overall in our 2024 ranking) and Florida Southern College School of Business (ranked No. 42 overall).

The Robins School, based in Virginia, consistently reports among the highest employment rates for graduates three months after commencement. It placed 98.8% of graduates from the Class of 2022 and 100% from the Class of 2021. Florida Southern, meanwhile, placed 98.57% of job-seeking graduates in 2022.

Three other schools reported employment rates over 99% for Class of 2023, as you can see in the table below.


2024 Rank School Class of 2023 Employment Rate
18 University of Richmond (Robins) 100.00%
42 Florida Southern College 100.00%
22 University of Miami (Herbert) 99.72%
5 University of Michigan (Ross) 99.10%
91 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Lubar) 99.02%
43 Lipscomb University 98.62%
1 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 98.50%
8 University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) 98.11%
17 Boston University (Questrom) 98.08%
60 Marian University (Byrum) 98.05%
2024 Rank School
Class of 2023 Employment Rate
65 University of Delaware (Lerner) 73.86%
83 Oregon State University 72.09%
81 University of the Pacific (Eberhardt) 70.50%
75 Bowling Green State University (Schmidthorst) 66.43%
78 University of Kentucky (Gatton) 64.86%
56 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 64.37%
69 University of Texas at Dallas (Jindal) 61.94%
82 Sacred Heart University 51.06%
86 Northern Illinois University 43.89%
90 University of Texas at Arlington 36.84%

At the other end of the employment spectrum, two schools reported full-time jobs for less than half of their job-seeking graduates. University of Texas at Arlington reported an employment rate of 36.84% while Northern Illinois University reported 43.89%. Five other schools reported employment rates of less than 70%.

Overall, the 91 schools in the 2024 ranking reported an average employment rate of 87.57%. That’s a 2.5% drop over the 2022 average of 89.82% posted by the same schools.


Securing a summer internship is an important rite of passage for most business school students. Not only do they provide essential real-world experience and resume props, they often lead to full-time job offers for strong candidates.

Combined, employment rate for job-seeking graduates three months after graduation (weighted 50%) and percent of graduates who completed an internship during their school career (weighted 20%) make up 70% of the Career Outcomes portion of our ranking methodology. 

As with all metrics, some schools do better than others at helping students land those summer internships than others. Eight schools reported that 100% of its Class of 2023 graduates had at least one business-specific internship during their degrees. That’s the same number as last year.

The table below shows the schools with the highest and lowest internship rates – the percentage of 2023 graduates that had at least one business-specific internship before graduating.


2024 Rank School
2023 Internship Rate
6 Cornell University (Dyson SC John) 100.00%
40 Elon University (Love) 100.00%
60 Marian University (Byrum) 100.00%
16 Northeastern University (D’Amore-McKim) 100.00%
59 Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders) 100.00%
36 Syracuse University (Whitman) 100.00%
1 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 100.00%
11 Washington University in St. Louis (Olin) 100.00%
28 Binghamton University 99.00%
5 University of Michigan (Ross) 98.90%
2024 Rank School
2023 Internship Rate
76 University of North Carolina-Wilmington (Cameron) 53.60%
88 San Diego State University 53.00%
86 Northern Illinois University 48.00%
31 Tulane University (Freeman) 46.60%
87 Texas Tech University (Rawls) 45.60%
77 Rutgers Business School – Newark 42.40%
82 Sacred Heart University 40.18%
74 Christopher Newport University 39.00%
85 Florida International University 38.70%
81 University of the Pacific (Eberhardt) 38.50%

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