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Rice University


If a job after graduation is among the most important considerations, students should not ignore in-demand job skills, no matter what major they are considering.

“I think universities may need to require college students to develop such in-demand skills regardless of which discipline(s) students choose to major in. Several academic programs in the social sciences and humanities often ignore such in-demand skills with the belief that such in-demand skills are irrelevant to the mission or goal of their disciplines,” says Ahlam Lee, associate professor, School of Psychology at Xavier University

“However, from a realistic standpoint, students want to be competitive candidates in various selection arenas such as the job market after graduating college. In this respect, decision-makers such as administrators and faculty in academic programs need to keep in mind what are the essential competencies for college students to be competitive.”

WalletHub’s Career Outcomes metric measured return on educational investment, graduates offered full-time jobs within six months, median salary, share of student out-earning high school graduates, percentage of students who reduce debt and student-loan default rate.
Its Education Outcomes metric compared schools’ retention rates, graduation rates, and credentials awarded per undergrad enrollment.


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