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Haas Students Call for Greater Black Faculty Representation

Students at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business are demanding that the program increases Black representation in its faculty.

In a petition, the Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association (HUBBA) calls on the school of business to hire three Black faculty members by the end of the school year, The Daily Californian reports.

“We, the students directly impacted by this lack of support, challenge Haas to not only be as competitive but a leader for their business school counterparts that are already taking the necessary steps in treating DEI as an urgent issue,” the petition reads.


In the petition, students, campus organizations, and alumni say that Haas has failed on its commitment to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, specific to the Black community.

“The school claims to seek to create an inclusive environment with diverse students and faculty; however, it is evident that there is a grave lack of action on the part of the Haas undergraduate administration in supporting these efforts,” the petition reads.

According to the petition, the Haas School of Business only has one Black tenured faculty member. On the other hand, Harvard Business School has 14 and Stanford has 12.

“Black alumni stating the biggest factor in their dissatisfaction and discrimination at the Haas School of Business has been the lack of diverse faculty who have committed these offensives themselves or unintentionally created environments for this behavior to thrive in the classroom,” the petition states.

Among other demands from HUBBA include the implementation of a paid student task force in retaining and recruiting underrepresented talent at Haas, a call for a public update on the implementation of action items, and for the UG DEIBG to be a voting member of the faculty cluster hiring committee.

While the UC System admitted its most diverse class as a whole in 2021, records for Black freshman admits at Berkeley stayed stagnant at 5%.

Sources: UCB HUBBA, The Daily Californian, P&Q, University of California

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