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University of Michigan Quarterback Has Big Business Goals

Last Saturday, the Michigan Wolverines football team secured the first win of the season against Western Michigan 47-14.

Among Michigan’s roster this year is Alan Bowman, a quarterback who transferred to the Wolverines from Texas Tech back in February. Off the field, Bowman is a Master of Supply Chain Management ’22 student at the Ross School of Business with big plans of making an impact both on the field and out in the business world.

“The community has welcomed me with open arms. I could not have asked for anything more,” Bowman says in an interview with Michigan Ross. “As a student-athlete, a lot of my time is consumed by football. The Ross community and staff have done an amazing job working with my schedule and creating a schedule and environment where I can succeed both in the classroom and on the field.”

Alan Bowman


Bowman is intent on putting his all out on the field for the Wolverines, but he knows that his football career is limited. He says he chose the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program at Ross to ensure that he’s set up for success off the field.

“I want to be in the best situation possible when my football career is over, and here at Michigan Ross, I firmly believe that I will be able to graduate in that position,” he says. “The MSCM program gives me the best opportunity to gain real-world experience through many of the action-based learning opportunities that the program offers.”

One such opportunity that Bowman is excited about is the Supply Chain Consulting Studio at Ross, where students work in teams on company projects that cover topics from data analytics to product development. Past company sponsors have included Deloitte, Google, and Cisco.

“I want to learn from the best and work for the best, and that is why I came to Michigan,” Bowman says. “I hope to work for a well-known company like Walmart or Uber to gain experience, and then one day become head of operations or start my own consulting business.”

For Bowman, the opportunity to play Wolverines football and earn an education at a top business school go hand-in-hand.

“I like seeing how people work, how they handle situations differently, and I’m excited to learn from and leverage my classmates’ knowledge to grow my leadership skills,” Bowman says. “At Ross, I am excited to learn leadership skills on a business level. Using my football leadership knowledge and my business leadership knowledge will help me immensely.”

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