Ross Correspondent: How Ross Admissions Gets to Know Applicants

College admissions offices get thousands of applications each fall all asking the same question: “Can I go here?” In a sea of so many hopeful applications, it can be hard to differentiate who would really be the best fit for a college or university. To combat this issue, Michigan Ross has created something new that really lets them get to know each student on an individual level.

Every aspiring high school senior who wants to get into Ross has to submit a portfolio. In this portfolio, they submit an artifact that shows who they are and how they exhibit “learning in action.” The artifact can be a video, picture, or other form of media that will let the Ross Undergraduate Admissions Office get to know each applicant individually and how they are committed to active learning.

A lot of students (myself included) are tempted to simply showcase their most recent award or their resumé and talk about all of their accomplishments. While it seems logical to just show your biggest achievements, it actually defeats the whole purpose of the artifact: authenticity.

A screenshot of the video submission for my Ross portfolio

For my own Ross portfolio, I submitted a video that pictured me practicing for a Mock Trial competition, a club that I focused on in high school. The video wasn’t highly edited or filmed on an expensive camera, nor was it a finished product or about business in any way. However, it showcased me doing something that I worked hard at and that I loved. I submitted this video because I believed it showed the admissions committee who I really was. I think this artifact was part of the reason I got into the school because it showed my commitment to learning and because it was real. I have friends who submitted screenshots of a blog they ran or even a clothing line they made as a hobby, all things that showed their individuality as well as their love of learning outside of school.

I think the best advice that I can give anyone who wants to apply to Michigan Ross (or any other programs) is to be authentic. It can be really tempting to just showcase what you think the admissions committee wants to hear, but it won’t pay off in the end. At worst, you might end up somewhere you don’t fit and don’t feel comfortable. If you’re authentic in business school and beyond, it’ll serve you well!

You can watch my artifact video here! ttps://


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