Stern Correspondent: What I Love About Stern

Ciao a tutti! My name is Alex Grieco and I am currently a junior studying Business with a concentration in Marketing and Finance and a track in Luxury Marketing at NYU Stern Undergraduate School of Business.

I love a lot of things about Stern but I would have to say that my top three favorite things are: the study abroad program, being surrounded by so many driven and hardworking people and, of course, living in and experiencing New York City!

Thanks to Stern, I have been able to study abroad in Florence, Italy, intern at a luxury cosmetics brand in New York City, and meet so many students and professors, both in and out of the classroom, who are diverse in thought and background.

NYU has given me so many unbelievable opportunities and experiences that I know could not happen in any other university. From going to the U.S. Open during our orientation, to getting free tickets to the Tony award-winning broadway show, the Book of Mormon. Each semester I am even more fascinated by the lengths the school goes to to ensure the students experience NYC. Just last month, I was able to attend a Ranger’s ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden! Another exclusive Stern opportunity I am looking forward to: Hong Kong for our spring break as part of our International Studies Program (more details to come on this in the spring)!

Stern’s effort to elevate the student experience goes beyond the boundaries of NYC. When I studied abroad in Florence,  the school planned student events throughout the whole semester. They included tours around Chianti wine country, Chestnut picking in a nearby mountain-side town, and my personal favorite, olive picking on our campus grounds that they turned into olive oil for us to take home!

These are only a few of the unbelievable experiences Stern has offered me and I cannot wait to see — and share with all of you — what more is to come over my final year here. I am looking forward to sharing more about my time at NYU and I hope you are excited to see an inside look!


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