Your Kelley Confidante: My Kelley Senior Yearbook

While I love studying abroad, it is difficult to know the Kelley I left is not the Kelley I’ll be returning to in the fall. The current seniors have been incredible mentors and friends will not be there when I make my way back to Bloomington. While I will miss their friendship and wisdom, they have left some incredible shoes to fill. As they conclude their successful careers at Kelley, I asked some of them to share their advice with all of you!

Raj Desai

Involvement: Kelley Student Government, Consulting Workshop, 180 Degrees Consulting, Kelley Honors
Advice: “Be authentically yourself. Your background and experiences are unique to you! Don’t shy away from letting your personality shine when interviewing or interacting in professional settings. People will have a greater respect when you show your true self.”

Sankalp Sharma

Involvement: Global Sales Workshop, Kelley Student Government, Kelley-to-Kelley Mentor, Business Doing Good
Advice: “Fall in love with failing. EVERYONE in college will fail at least once. The ones who fail more, succeed more. No matter how hard the circumstances, just keep standing. No matter how rough it may feel, just keep trying. The ones who continue to stand in the face of difficulty – the ones that continue to fight in tough circumstances – are the ones who ALWAYS succeed.”

Paul Obrecht

Involvement: Investment Management Workshop, Knall-Cohen Fund, Kelley Student Government, Kelley Honors Mentor
Advice: “Upon arriving at college, I’d encourage trying out a variety of activities and classes, as well as meeting new people. Embrace and explore every opportunity with an open mind. Each experience you have will contribute to your development and shape your next four years.”

Maddie Athanasiou

Involvement: Kelley Student Government, Consulting Workshop, Kelley Honors
Advice: “Have the courage to try new activities and step outside of your comfort zone. This campus is full of wonderful & interesting people to share experiences with! If you don’t know what to do, ask for help or guidance, one conversation with a senior or alumni can launch your future into a whole new direction. And most importantly, find the fun in everything you do! These are some of the best years so don’t take yourself too seriously!”

Although the opportunities offered at Kelley bring people to Bloomington, it is the people that make IU our home. To our seniors, congratulations on an impactful four years! Thank you for inspiring us, challenging us, and pushing our personal and professional growth. You will be missed!


Madeline Heath is a third year at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business where she is majoring in Marketing and International Business and minoring in Studio Art. Maddie is passionate about the Kelley community and devotes much of her time to Kelley Student Government where she has served as Director of Student Life and currently serves as First Year Engagement Lead. A creative at heart, Maddie believes in the power of an imaginative approach and is excited to share favorite experiences and insights about Kelley with you!


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