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While some are grumbling about a possible retraction in the sizzling hot job market in the year ahead, a new report shows a strong and sustained demand for jobs in the tech industry., a career website for tech and engineering job seekers, analyzed 3 million tech job postings from January to June, 2022, and found postings for tech-focused roles are up 45% from the start of the year.

Compared year over year, tech job postings are up 60% in June alone.

The eighth edition of Dice’s Tech Job Report, released August 23, found that while companies like Google (which extended a hiring freeze through the end of the year) have grabbed headlines, demand for tech talent is actually up for the first half of this year.

“Tech job postings saw month-over-month growth in the first five months of 2022, with June marking the first decline in month-over-month tech jobs since September 2021,” the report reads. “Even with the pullback in June, which follows previous seasonal trends, postings for the month came in well above Q1 2022 results.”

Monthly U.S. Tech Job Postings

January 2019 through June 2022


Year over year, job postings for the first quarter of 2022 were 40% higher than 2021. They rose even faster in Q2 which posted 63% more than the same quarter last year. From January to June 2021 to 2022, postings are up 52%

While postings fell more than 110,492 from a three-year high of 665,065 in May 2022 to 554,573 in June, a 17% decline, June’s monthly postings are still 60% higher than June 2021 (363,023).

Growth Comparisons

2022 vs. 2021

Source: Dice Tech Job Report 2022

“The decline can be attributed to not only an overcorrection to May’s spike and reaction to talk of inflation and a bear market, but also to a seasonal trend seen in previous years. In 2019, there was an 11% decrease in tech job postings between May and June. Even so, postings are still up 60% in June 2022 compared to June 2021,” the report says.

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