The Top 25 Cities For Tech Jobs By Volume & Growth

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Austin, Texas, ranks in the top five cities in the U.S. by volume of tech job postings, measured year over year.


Unsurprisingly, the traditional tech hub cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta have the most tech postings by volume. They’re also showing a lot of year-over-year growth, as shown in the chart below.

“San Francisco returned to the top five after dropping to #6 in our previous Tech Job Report (below Dallas), a sign that the city continues to rebound from an exceptionally tough go during the pandemic,” the report says. “Alternatively, Seattle (up 56%) dropped out of the top ten (it had previously ranked at #7), due at least in part to hiring slowdowns at Microsoft and Amazon, two of the region’s biggest employers, as well as a slackening in retail spending.”

Top 25 Tech Cities by Job Posting Volume

Change % from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022

When it comes to sheer growth, however, Orlanda is king. Tech jobs in that city rose 111% over last year, more than any other city in the country. Another Sunshine State city, Miami, marked 104% growth.

In fact, of the traditional tech hub cities, only Chicago cracked the top 25 for tech job growth.

Top 25 Tech Cities by Job Posting Growth

Increase from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022

Only Cities in Top 50 by Posting Volume considered

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