The Top Jobs & Skills Sought By Tech Employers

When it comes to tech jobs, it’s good to be an engineer or data analyst.

According to’s latest Tech Job Report, organizations in almost any industry and market are clamoring for software, data, DevOps engineers, and data and business analysts.

“These jobs dominated 2022 in terms of job posting volume, with no signs of a slowdown in demand,” reads the report, released last month., a career website for tech and engineering job seekers, analyzed 3 million tech job postings from January to June, 2022, for its annual report. It found that postings for tech-focused roles are up 45% from the start of the year.

By volume, there were more job postings for software engineers in the first half of the year compared to any other tech-focused occupation. Business analysts postings came in second followed by data analysts, data engineers, and DevOps Engineers. The year-over-year growth for each of the top 50 tech occupations in the first half of 2021 and 2022 is displayed in the table below.

Top 50 Tech Occupations by Job Posting Volume

Increase from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022


When measured for growth, master data engineers and data science managers are among the top, growing at a rate of 305% and 202% respectively.

“These jobs are complex and require a deep understanding of the tools and platforms that companies use to build and maintain their databases; they also necessitate quite a bit of intuition and creativity, especially when it comes to analyzing messy datasets and coming to accurate conclusions,” the report reads.

“While gross demand for these roles is relatively small, companies realize they need technologists with superior management skills and infrastructure knowledge if they want to keep growing in a complex environment.”

The table below shows the top tech occupations by job posting growth from the first half of 2021 to the first half of 2022.

Top 15 Tech Occupations by Job Posting Growth

Increase from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022

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