2017 Report Card: How Alums Grade Their Schools

How would you judge the opportunities given to you in the business program to nurture and improve your skills in business?

Only one school received the top mark of “A+” on this question and once again it was the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Obviously, an important piece to getting a business education is having various opportunities to improve and hone one’s business skills. It could come in the form of case studies, group projects, case competitions, or research reports. Either way, no alumni-base rated their school better at providing those opportunities than UVA’s McIntire with an average score of 9.52.

Up next was Wharton scoring 9.48, followed closely by Indiana Kelley (9.46) and Washington University (9.45). Rounding out the top five was Minnesota’s Carlson School, which notched a 9.39. The average out of all 82 schools was a solid 8.73.

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