2017 Report Card: How Alums Grade Their Schools

Would you recommend the business program to a close friend or colleague?

Of the 15 questions we asked alums this year, this one might tell the most about the overall experience of a student. If many people trust the recommendations of strangers for such things as where to eat and where to get your hair cut from Yelp or other online reviews, a recommendation of a close friend or respected colleague can go a very long way. It’s not a coincidence that we ask alumni this question first.

Out of the 82 schools ranked this year, the score range of this question ranged from Indiana Kelley’s remarkable 9.87 to St. John University’s 8.04. The average across the entire sample was 9.31. That’s a remarkably strong endorsement of the 82 ranked schools from the nearly 7,000 members of the Class of 2015 who responded to our surveys. The top five in order are Indiana Kelley, Texas Christian (Neeley), Virginia McIntire, Bowling Green State, and Cornell Dyson.

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