International Students Flock to American B-Schools


Nearly Half of Foreign Students Opting to Extend Their Visas

Think foreign students are dying to pick up their diploma and ply their trade back home? Think again! The Brookings study found that 45% sought to extend their visas, many staying in the same metro area where they earned their degree. The highest percentage – over 75% – looked to remain in New York City. Honolulu, Seattle, Miami, and Las Vegas were also popular, with over two-thirds of their foreign students attempting to extend their visa. Which metro was the least popular? That would be Erie, Pennsylvania, where only 5.1% made such an effort.

And it certainly behooves the United States to extend their stay. Aside from their skills, foreign students spent nearly $21.8 billion in tuition and $12.8 billion in other spending during their school years from 2008-2012. And that net gain can only go up as they launch businesses in America.

Highest and Lowest 10 Metro Areas Retaining Foreign Students on Optional Practical Training (OPT) Program, 2008-2012


Source: Brookings

Source: Brookings

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