P&Q Ranking: First-Year Pay For Business Undergrads From These 3 Schools Topped $100K

Gainful employment is a big motivator for getting a business degree. Afterall, what good are those soaring salaries if you can’t find an employer to pay them. Business graduates from many schools can expect to have a job offer within 90 days of walking the stage.

Unlike last year when two schools – University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business and Marian University of Indianapolis Byrum School of Business – placed every graduate who sought a job, no schools reported 100% employment in 2022.

At Villanova School of Business 99.71% of job-seeking graduates found employment within three months of graduation, the highest rate of any school. Only one other school, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, broke 99% employment in this ranking.

The school with the lowest employment rate for recent graduates in 2022 was University of Texas at Arlington with 34.81%. That’s nearly a 5-point improvement over last year’s 29.42%. Northern Illinois University graduates had a 35.26% employment rate in 2022.

Four schools did not provide data on employment rates: Oregon State University, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Isenberg), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Lubar), and Temple University (Fox).


Securing a summer internship is an important rite of passage for most business school students. Not only do they provide essential real-world experience and resume props, they often lead to full-time job offers for strong candidates. As with all metrics, some schools do better than others at helping students land those summer positions.

The table below shows the schools with the highest and lowest internship rates – the percentage of 2022 graduates that had at least one business-specific internship before graduating.

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