Summer Internships: Important Deadlines & Requirements

Summer Internships: Important Deadlines and Requirements

Summer internships are a valuable opportunity to set yourself up for success post-college.

“School teaches skills but doesn’t give exposure to what work is like in real life,” Amy Odeneal, COO and Co-founder of Tech Recruiters, says. “That’s why internships are crucial. Not only do you get to learn from experts, you get to pick their brain on how they got to where they are, but to learn from their lessons to help you get ahead.”

Vault, a career resources company, recently rounded up a list of internship deadlines and requirements by industry.


Summer consulting internships typically open up at the start of the school year. Students should expect to apply in early fall 2023 to secure a summer 2024 internship. Application deadlines usually range from early fall to late January.

In terms of requirements, most consulting firms prefer interns who maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Your degree focus should be in business, economics, finance, or other related fields.

“Candidates actively participating in various campus organizations are far more attractive, so it would be to your advantage to sign up to at least one,” according to Vault.


Large banking and finance firms start summer intern recruitment in August or early September for the following summer. Interviews take place during fall, winter, and spring. Application deadlines vary firm to firm, however, so it’s important to research and plan ahead to meet specific deadlines.

Most finance internships don’t have a strict requirement that you study finance or economics, as long as you can show a strong GPA and demonstrate excellent analytical and quantitative skills.

“…many top finance firms also value degrees outside of economics, finance, accounting, and business,” according to Vault. “So, don’t be afraid to apply just because you’re majoring in history, English, political science, or philosophy.”


Marketing summer internship applications typically open when the fall semester starts. Deadlines can be as early as September or October, with some extending to January.

A strong GPA is a must for any marketing internship program.

“Companies favor candidates who possess creative problem-solving skills, the ability to multitask, and an understanding of all major social media platforms,” according to Vault.

Read more about deadlines and requirements at Vault.

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