The Many Roads to Success at Rutgers Business School

Rutgers Business School

The Many Roads to Success at Rutgers Business School

Prospective B-school students each have their own reason for pursuing a degree in business. For some, it is dreams of working on Wall Street. For others, it’s working for an innovative tech company in Silicon Valley.

That’s exactly why Rutgers University has designed its Road to Success Programs, a personalized education for preparing students for their dream job. PR Newswire recently looked at the five Road to Success Programs and gave an overview of how Rutgers is providing its students a roadmap to success.


Rutgers Business School’s Road to Success Programs are designated to five different career paths: Wall Street, CPA, V/Alley, Consulting, and Supply Chain Leadership. Each pathway offers a focused curriculum, mentors, career coaching, and guidance.

“I would not be on the same trajectory without the guidance, mentorship and community that came from the Road to Wall Street Program,” Eric Yao, a student of Rutgers’ Road to Wall Street Program, says. “I joined a community of like-minded individuals driven towards high-impact careers before even knowing what finance or investment banking encompassed and forged my own path with the support of mentors and peers.”


Established in 2011, the Road to Wall Street program is a rigorous three-year initiative designed to equip students with the essential skills, knowledge, and connections needed to kickstart a successful career in finance and business. The program provides personalized one-on-one counseling, offering support in various areas including recruitment, career services, networking, and more.

In 2023, the Road to Wall Street program had a 100% placement rate for full-time jobs for its graduating students. That’s in large part due to the vast Rutgers alumni network. As part of the program, each student is matched with three mentors: a Road to Wall Street alum, a professional in the field with 10 or more years of experience, and an upper-class student in the program. Additionally, students have opportunities to connect and engage with industry executives through guest lectures, site visits, networking events, and workshops


The Road to Silicon V/Alley provides a pipeline to jobs in Silicon Valley in California or Silicon Alley in Manhattan. One of the key factors of the program’s success is the experiential learning opportunities that students can access. Case competitions, such as the Brandstorm International Competition sponsored by L’Oréal, offer students an opportunity to learn soft skills such as public speaking and leadership.

Additionally, like its Wall Street counterpart, the Road to Slicon V/Alley program gives students direct access to executive-level professionals through guest speakers, workshops, and conferences. One such opportunity is the trip to Silicon Valley, including the Startup Grind Global Conference where students meet luminaries and CEOs.

Achintya Singh, a student of the Road to Slicon V/Alley, says one of the highlights was a visit to Google’s headquarters, where he met with a software engineering executive.

“His passion, knowledge, and patience inspired us and sparked our curiosity,” Singh says. “This unforgettable experience fueled our love for technology and innovation.” Thanks to Road to Silicon V/Alley, Singh secured a software engineering internship with Google. Now a 2023 graduate of Rutgers, he’s transitioned into a role as a software engineer at Bank of America.


Established in 2021, the Road to Consulting pathway offers students an insider’s look at consulting jobs at companies such as Accenture, PwC, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, and EY.

Due to the structured nature of consulting recruitment, the Road to Consulting program guides students through the timeline of recruitment and helps them with resume preparation and mock interviews.

Additionally, the Road to Consulting pathway provides students with the opportunity to partake in hands-on consulting projects, where they work with actual clients for a three-month duration to strategize solutions to current business problems.


The Road to CPA pathway gives students insight into the vast field of supply chain management, across planning, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, automation, and technology.

The program offers students first-hand experience through internships, site visits, mentorships, and other opportunities. Additionally, the Road to CPA program connects students to companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bayer, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

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