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University of Delaware Lerner College of Business and Economics


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20 Orchard Rd
Newark, DE 19716
Admissions Office:

Tuition & Fees In-State: $55,780*

Tuition & Fees Out-of-State: $139,260*

Average Debt: 40,346

International: 3%

Minority: 14%

First generation college students: 11%

When do students declare their majors: Freshman Year

Acceptance Rate: 54%

Acceptance Rate Transfers: 66%

Average SAT: 1,246

Average ACT: 28

Average GPA: 3.76

HS Class Top Ten: 11.5 (as of 2020)%**

*The total cost of the degree over four years for the most recent graduating class inclusive of school fees, room, board, or living expenses.

** HS Class Top Ten is the percent of the student population that graduated high school in the top ten percent of their class.

*** Please note that these statics are provided for the business school major only whenever possible. If a school does not track these statistics separately, then the university-wide statistics are provided.

The University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics landed at No. 60 in this year’s ranking, dropping some from last year’s ranking of No. 53. 

The Lerner College had an acceptance rate of 62.30% this year, slightly higher than last year’s 53.61%, and an average SAT score of 1246, ever so slightly down from last year’s average score of 1248. Employment wise, the B-school saw a significant rise, with 89.13% of the Class of 2021 landing full-time employment within three months of graduation, roughly ten percent higher than last year’s 79.07% for the Class of 2020. Internship outcomes saw a small increase, with 93% of the Class of 2021 landing a business-focused internship before graduating, up two percent from last year’s 91% of the Class of 2020. This trend could suggest that the school may be building back after the COVID-19 economic downturn.

While Lerner fell behind a few ranks this year, the B-school still offers a strong undergraduate business program with 96 percent of Lerner students graduating with real-world experience, either from internships, field experiences, research with faculty or study abroad. Lerner offers high quality programs and faculty, many majors and minors, a very personalized approach, and a unique location with close proximity to internships and industries in New York, Philadelphia and D.C.

Experience-based learning, evidence-based analytics

The mission of the Lerner College is to deliver an inspirational education and pioneering scholarship, building an inclusive community that beneficially transforms business and society.

To do this, Lerner Dean Bruce Weber and the faculty/administration designed a distinctive undergraduate curriculum with experience-driven learning and evidence-based analytics.

In the last three years, Lerner added two new undergraduate majors in Business Analytics and Global Enterprise Management bringing the total to 16 majors offered. Some of the most popular majors on UD’s campus, include Accounting, Economics, Economics Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Hospitality Business Management, Hospitality Industry Management, International Business Studies, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, and Sport Management. Incoming freshmen also have the opportunity to study as business undeclared. The B-school makes it easy for students to study more than one major with over 33% of graduates double majoring in the college.

Lerner also offers a multitude of minors that allow students to specialize in areas such as Professional Selling and Sales Management, Trust Management and Social Entrepreneurship.

In their freshman year, all students take the Business 110 introductory course, which will set the foundation for earning their bachelor’s degree and tailoring their major to fit their professional and personal goals. They work with their advisors and Lerner Career Services on their resume and LinkedIn profile; and sometimes participate in speed-networking events with employers. Each class section is assigned a Lerner Peer Mentor, to allow students to connect with upperclassmen. Their semester work culminates in the BUAD 110 Pitch Competition.

In addition to BUAD 110, Lerner has several programs that help students find success. Lerner Advising Center provides a support network for students, including UDREAM U, (“You” Develop Resources for Excellence in Academic Management). UDREAM is a coaching and mentoring program that helps freshman and sophomore students develop the skills and mindset for success.

Depending on their major, students will benefit from several high-quality facilities which help enhance their educational experience, such as the Geltzeiler Trading Center, JPMorgan Chase Innovation Center, Vita Nova restaurant, Marriott Courtyard Newark and Horn Venture Development Center.

UD Lerner alumni are actively involved in the student experience. Students have the opportunity to connect with members of the Lerner Advisory and Alumni Boards and NYC Dean’s Council for resume and interview support from industry experts. Lerner Career Services offers Lerner Career Expert Panels where alumni from various fields talk about their career development. Lerner’s Careers on Wall Street program provides students interested in finance careers with training, mentoring and access to employment opportunities. Through the Lerner Executive Mentoring Program, students are paired with a mentor from their sophomore year through their senior year.  More than 6,500 internships were made available to business students in 2020-2021, and almost half of the graduating students had two or more job offers.

The Lerner College is proud to be a part of UD’s study abroad tradition. Lerner understands the importance of international learning and wants students to expand their global perspective by participating in various study abroad programs.

Lerner embraces its diverse community and offers programs through its Lerner Diversity Council and Women’s Leadership Initiative that create opportunities for equity and inclusion throughout all aspects of life at Lerner. Students are also encouraged to share their knowledge, connect with their peers and participate in one Lerner College’s many business fraternities and student organizations.

Lerner Students Share Perspectives

For Josiah Hanson, Class of 2023 finance and financial planning and wealth management double major, participating in the Blue Hen Investment Club allowed him to research companies and invest real money. This experience set him up for success in his summer internship as a financial analyst.

Kristin Lim, Class of 2021, marketing and global enterprise management double major, said, “My favorite experience as a global enterprise management major was getting to study in Australia and Singapore. It was really amazing to live in those two countries and to explore not only the world but also to learn a lot about myself. Studying abroad is such a unique experience, and I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

“I found the material in the trust management minor so interesting and loved Professor McCloskey’s teaching style and enthusiasm. She has been the main reason why I joined the minor. Her dedication and commitment to every one of her students is something that greatly benefits us and will benefit future students,” said Emily Villacis, junior, financial planning major.

“The Lerner Mentorship Program has been a phenomenal experience. My mentor, Mike, and I have regular conversations each month. Mike has shared invaluable advice for my future and I look forward to having him as a supportive resource and mentor far after graduation,” said Declan McCarthy, Class of 2022, entrepreneurship and technology innovation and marketing double major.

“I came in business undeclared with no AP credits, and I’ve been able to successfully pick up my major and three minors – and I know people who similarly came in business undeclared and now are double majors with two minors. And in fact, coming into business undeclared also has an advantage in that you really have your eyes opened to what you want to go and pursue, and the BUAD 110 class gives you a little bit of an introduction to different majors at the college,” said Rafi Turitz-Sweifach, Class of 2022, degree in economics, Honors College.

“My #1 piece of advice for incoming freshmen is to use your resources! University of Delaware is a wonderful place to go to school and has great facilities and an amazing campus—but what sets us apart most are the people. Whether it’s your RA, peer mentor, advisor, teaching assistant, etc., everyone is willing to help you, but you have to reach out to them! There’s someone for everything you could possibly need at UD, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!” said Megan Momarella, Class of 2021, Marketing and Management Double Major, Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi.

Alumni say:

“The Hospitality Business Management program at Lerner is truly unmatched. Unlike many college classes of sitting in a classroom learning from a professor, HBM is heavily based on being practical. We spent a semester in the on-campus hotel learning the ins and outs of how to run and operate a hotel and then moved through the practical side of learning and doing each and every job from Front Desk to Housekeeping.”

“The MIS capstone project provided real-world consulting experience as well as the opportunity to demonstrate technical capabilities.”

“We got to work with global companies, helping them build a potential new market entry plan with other students from around the world in the X-Culture Program. It really helped me see just how organized you need to be in order to work in a global world pre-COVID, let alone now.”

“I participated in a capstone project which provided a hands-on learning experience when working with clients. This experience allowed myself to take skills that I had learned in my various courses and adapt them to real world situations/scenarios. I still carry many of the skills and knowledge learned from this capstone project to this day in my current job role. This experience was unique to me because it was an ‘initial stepping stone’ for what was to come in my career after graduation.”

“My experience in the business school as a Hospitality student is unlike any other business school. We had multiple practicums related to our field to help us gain soft skills as well as transferable knowledge. In addition to our practicums, our capstone class taught us to use all we had learned in our program. It challenged us to think critically and for ourselves as we prepared to enter this new phase of our lives”


  • KPMG – 27
  • JP Morgan – 27
  • EY – 24
  • Deloitte – 10
  • Bank of America – 9
  • RSM – 8
  • Amazon – 7
  • PwC – 7
  • Bloomberg – 4
  • Vanguard – 4
  • EisnerAmper – 3