Favorite Professors of the Class of 2017

Drexel’s Maria Olivero

“Professor Maria Olivero, who taught Macroeconomics my freshman year, is no doubt one of my favorite professors.  She made the material understandable; she was so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. This made class exciting and she was super supportive as a professor.
– Olivia Guerrasio, Drexel University (LeBow)

“Ernie Nielson teaches Project Management. He’s a fiercely intelligent and accomplished man who focuses not on his own achievement, but on the well-being and education of each of his students on an individual level. His accomplishments are magnified by caring and are undiminished by ego.”
Nick Kerr, Brigham Young University (Marriott)

“One of the most influential is Professor Paul Harrison, who teaches “Understanding Financial Statements.” What makes Professor Harrison a truly outstanding teacher is his authenticity. He has a great ability to demonstrate how critical it is to understand accounting in business career pursuits beyond just audit, tax and advisory work. He makes applicable and entertaining connections between course content and the real world. Also, he genuinely cares about each student’s development and goals, even adjusting the class structure to address important questions in greater depth. Professor Harrison’s course was definitely challenging and rewarding, and I would highly recommend it to all future finance majors in the Daniels College.
– Ronan McIntosh, University of Denver (Daniels)

University of Virginia’s Ryan Nelson

“My favorite professor is Ryan Nelson. He was my professor during my 3rd year Integrated Core Experience in addition to a professor led trip to San Francisco entitled “Digital Safari.” Professor Nelson always went out of his way to genuinely connect with students and push them to think about problems in many different lights. Professor Nelson has been not only a wonderful professor teaching me about technology and innovation but has also been one of my closest mentors.”
– Samantha Glazer, University of Virginia (Mcintire)

“One of my favorite professors was Dr. Paul Magelli. I took his BADM 199 Entrepreneurship class during my sophomore year of college as an elective. Though not within my direct field of study, I learned so much during my time in his course. We were placed in groups to think of a business idea and develop a corresponding business model throughout the semester. Dr. Magelli shared his own personal experiences with entrepreneurship in his various business endeavors and always encouraged us to work hard for what we are passionate about. He personally invested in all of his students and made a lasting impact on my life for his dedication not only to his students but also to the College of Business as a whole. He will be greatly missed.”
– Olivia Bounadere, University of Illinois

“My favorite professor is Aditi Mukherjee (Dr. M), the professor of the “Introduction to Information Systems” class and also the class I served as a teaching assistant for, for two years. Besides being a great educator, Dr.M is my favorite professor because of her selflessness, thoughtfulness, and humor. As her student, she made learning enjoyable and hands-on, and was always there to lend a helping hand. As her assistant, she continuously encouraged me to pursue diverse opportunities, to travel and expand my global perspective, and sometimes would even bring me a banana to class because she knew I was busy and probably didn’t get a chance to eat. Often, it isn’t only the immense knowledge and aptitude to teach that make professors great – it’s everything else.”
– Jade Mulvaney, University of Florida (Warrington)

“Professor Joel Rubin, the Director of Kelley’s Undergraduate Workshop. Professor Rubin is one of the brightest and most selfless people I have ever met. Rather than exclusively pursuing wealth and prestige in the business world, he decided to give back to others through education. In addition to teaching courses in business law and consulting, Professor Rubin also serves as a mentor to dozens of students – myself included. Professor Rubin’s commitment to the growth and success of his students is incredible, and he advocates for Nelson Mandela’s belief that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”
– Alejandro Mestre, Indiana University (Kelley)

University of Michigan’s Jane Dutton

“My favorite professor is Jane Dutton, because she teaches positive business not only through course material, but also through exemplifying the work in her teaching style. Her compassion and care for the students, as well as passion for the field of study as a founder of Positive Organizational Scholarship, was extremely engaging and motivating.
– Lindsey Hirt, University of Michigan (Ross)

Dr. David Ravenscraft, the Mergers and Acquisitions professor. He is extremely knowledgeable about the field of study and I can tell that he is truly passionate about the work he does and ensuring that all his students understand the subject matter. He has had an incredible impact on me and will always stand out as a professor who showed me the worth of my UNC Kenan-Flagler degree.”
-Theo Onigbinde, University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)

For me, Dr. Michael Meyer stands out as my favorite professor in my time at Notre Dame. From the first day of class, he expressed an enthusiasm for not only the subject (accounting) but also the opportunity to teach. No student ever questioned whether this man was doing what he loved. His joy is apparent each day he steps into the classroom, and to me he embodies what it means to choose a path that gives you life.”
 – Casey Gelcion / Notre Dame (Mendoza)

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