PQU Campus Correspondent Johanne Vincent (Ross)

Johanne Vincent

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Hometown:Wausau, Wisconsin

Year: Freshman

Major: Business Administration 

Minor: International Studies or Political Science

25 Questions with Campus Correspondent Johanne Vincent

When did you know you wanted to go to business school?
I knew I wanted to go to business school after the 10th grade. Before that, I was sure that I was
going to medical school and become a surgeon. However, after taking my first “Intro to Business” class and hearing about how wonderful business was from a mentor of mine, I decided it was the field for me!

When you found out you were accepted into Ross, what was your reaction?
I was so excited when I found out I got into Michigan Ross!

What other schools did you apply to?
I also applied to Indiana University, New York University, Georgetown University and the
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Why should students preparing to enter college consider going into business
It’s possible that this is the most cliché reason to go into business school, but students should
consider B-school because the education you will get is so extremely versatile. I have friends in
business school who want to go into medicine, join the Peace Corps, and become filmmakers
along with the traditional business routes. Students get specialized knowledge unique to
business fields, but you can apply it anywhere, which is so valuable.

What has been the most surprising thing about B-school?
The most surprising thing about B-school goes along with why I think students should consider it
for their undergraduate degree. Everyone is doing their own thing, and it’s so surprising to see
all the paths that people plan to take outside of the norm.

How many internships have you done and with what companies?
As a freshman, I haven’t had the opportunity to intern with any companies yet, but that’s
something that will come my sophomore and junior years.

Have you studied abroad?
I haven’t studied abroad yet, but I’m thinking about going abroad this summer!

When, where, and what was the experience?
Hopefully, I will be going to Prague or Paris and I know my experience will be fantastic.

If you had to choose one: an internship or studying abroad?
Both! I’ve talked to many upperclassmen, and they say that interning and studying abroad
were highlights of their college careers.

What has been your most memorable moment in B-school?
My most memorable moment so far in B-School was sitting down and talking to Dean Scott
DeRue. He talked a lot about climbing Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro and how that
applied to his business career, and it was amazing to hear about his experiences.

Why should students apply to Ross?
Michigan Ross is the best choice for any student because of all of the accolades, resources, opportunities and notable alumni/faculty here. It’s also the best choice because of the people here. The mix of drive, compassion, ambition and the desire to help others succeed is something that is common with both the faculty and the students, and that makes Ross an awesome B-school (plus we have a Starbucks right in the building!).

What are your goals after graduation?
I’m not 100 percent sure what I want to do after graduation, but as of right now, I’m looking into
getting some work experience in the field of consulting and possibly going to law school afterwards.

When you’re not studying, where on campus can we most likely find you?
If I’m not studying, I’ll probably be hanging out with friends in the dorms, or at one of my
extracurricular activities around campus.

What are you most excited about for the new semester?
This semester, I’m really excited for a fresh start! I’m taking an introductory ballet class and a
business communication class, both of which are new to me and hopefully will be really interesting!

What are your hobbies outside of B-school?
Outside of B-school, I love to read, see movies at the Michigan Theatre, dance, learn
languages and travel as much as possible.

What advice would you offer your freshman self?
I’m still a freshman, so I guess I would tell my first semester self to “take a deep breath.” It’s
important to take time to pause and reflect on if you’re going where you want to go. I would also
tell myself “not to join every club on the planet.” If you’re a serial over-committer like me, I would
say not to put too much on your plate at once. The clubs will always be there if you want to join
later on.

What is one thing that could improve your business school to make it an even
better experience?
From what I’ve experienced so far, the thing that would make business school and specifically, Michigan Ross even better is seeing more people pursuing clubs and finding hobbies both inside and outside of Michigan Ross.

What is the one class or who is the one professor every B-school student
should take?
Though I haven’t yet had her in class, speaking to Professor Mary Hinesly convinces me that
everyone should try and take her business communications class. She is great at giving
feedback and helping you become an effective speaker and students rave about her classes.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years I will have just graduated from college, and I see myself living in a big city like New
York or Hong Kong, working for a company that I really love and being able to travel often.

What is one life changing moment you’ve experienced as a business school
One really inspiring moment that I’ve had as a Michigan Ross student was hearing Daniel Pink speak on the importance of being both creative and technical. He gave a really great talk about how important it was to value both the “right brain” and “left-brain” and he really made an impact on the entire audience.

What one word would you use to describe the professors at Ross?
Sincere! Even if it’s not your favorite subject, the professors here love what they do and they
want their students to love it too.

What word to describe the students?
Students at Michigan Ross are incredibly passionate! I’ve never met a group of students who were so motivated and driven to achieve their dreams and help their classmates do the same.

What is the culture like there?
Michigan Ross definitely has a great student culture. Business school gets a really bad reputation of being cutthroat, but from my experience and from what I’ve heard from other students, everyone is going to support you and help you rather than tear you down.

Who is your favorite professor and why?
My favorite professor so far is Professor Caldwell, who teaches Econ 101. Though he’s not
technically in the business school, Econ 101 is mandatory for all Michigan Ross freshmen. I’ve only just begun taking his classes, but he is incredibly lively and passionate about economics, and it makes me so much more interested in the subject.

When you graduate what do you think you’ll miss most about business school?
When I graduate, I think I’ll miss the feeling of having so many people around me who are going
through the same classes and experiences that I am and willing to help me through them. I
hope I can replicate this feeling I get at Michigan Ross at any future job.

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