Universities With The Most Conservative Students


University campuses are full of young people, and young people are usually liberals. In fact, the home page of the UC Berkeley College Republicans website acknowledges this left-leaning pattern by boldly claiming “FEAR NOT. Even here, in crazy, liberal, “beserk” Berkeley, there is hope. Even here, at the heart of liberalism on Earth, we stand proud.”

Of course, there have been times when the Berkeley College Republicans stood quite alone too, like when they held a racially controversial bake sale that hundreds of their fellow students protested.

There are other schools, however, where conservatives make the majority of the student body, and each year, the Princeton Review publishes a ranking of the Top 20 Schools with the Most Conservative Students. The list is based on students’ assessment of their personal political views, collected through the survey question: “Politically, are you: left-wing, Democrat, middle, Republican, right-wing?”

In the past five years, some schools have made the list once, and never appeared again. A dozen other colleges, including not surprisingly, the United States Military Academy, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and the United States Coast Guard Academy, are regulars. By looking at five years at once, we can spot the schools that consistently make the top of the list and watch as others climb in and out of right-wing prominence.

Here are the schools with the Most Conservative Students:

Ranking The ‘Most Conservative Students’ From 2014 to 2010


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2014 Rank & School2014 Rank2013 Rank2012 Rank2011 Rank2010 Rank
Auburn University18NRNRNR
Texas A&M University – College Station21311
Grove City College34483
Hillsdale College42172
College of the Ozarks5612107
University of Dallas656NR9
Thomas Aquinas College7321316
United States Military Academy812131617
Hampden-Sydney College910825
United States Naval Academy109NR186
United States Coast Guard Academy1115181720
United States Merchant Marine Academy1277510
Clemson University1314NRNR14
Wheaton College (IL)14131698
Brigham Young University (UT)1511934
Angelo State University161910NRNR
Baylor University171617NR12
Kansas State University18NRNRNRNR
United States Air Force Academy19185411
Catholic University of America20NR19NRNR
Southern Methodist UniversityNR171412NR
Ohio Northern UniversityNR20NRNRNR
Samford UniversityNRNR112013
Pepperdine UniversityNRNR1511NR
Lynchburg CollegeNRNR20NRNR
University of MississippiNRNRNR618
Mercer UniversityNRNRNR14NR
University of AlabamaNRNRNR1515
University of Nebraska – LincolnNRNRNR19NR
Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyNRNRNRNR19

Source: The Princeton Review