2021 In Review: Poets&Quants’ 10 Most-Read Undergrad Stories Of 2021

What do business school students care about the most? 

According to Poets&Quants readers — the most discerning business school students out there, in our humble opinion — B-school students continue to love a good ranking. Whether it’s our own proprietary rankings on the top business schools in the country, or an outsider’s list on the top MBB firms for aspiring consultants or finding the best college city in America, quant-oriented business students want to see the data.  

While the majority of our most-read stories of 2021 involve a ranking of some sort, there are few selections for the poets out there. These include our “Best and Brightest” business school majors of the year as well as the business schools to watch in the coming year. 

Whether you are a poet or a quant, our list of the 10 most-read stories of 2021 will have something for you. They are listed below in descending order.

What Are The Top Business Schools For Quality & Price?

10. What Are The Top Business Schools For Quality & Price?

It’s a dilemma facing most aspiring college students: Should they prioritize prestige or price when choosing a business school? As the cost of undergraduate degrees continues to rise, is a top-tier college degree worth the top-tier price tag? 

In October, the personal finance website WalletHub.com released its annual college ranking for 2022. It compared more than 1,000 schools to find “the top-performing schools and the lowest possible costs.” 

Poets&Quants looked at the top 50 schools in WalletHub’s report, and it was our 10th most popular story of the year. Click the story link above to read the full report.

Austin Texas Sixth Street

9. WalletHub’s Best & Worst College Towns & Cities For 2022

In the laundry list of factors aspiring college students must consider when picking a school – academic rigor, price tag, reputation, programs offered, etc., – location can often be an afterthought. 

Not so fast, experts say. Location can have a huge impact on a student’s adjustment, social experience, finances, and ultimate success.

“Students should carefully consider not only the environment of the campus itself but the surrounding area. The location of a college or university plays an important role in students’ college life,” Joseph H. Paris, assistant professor of instruction at Temple University said in this December story on the best and worst college towns for 2022. “Opportunities and experiences outside the classroom can be just as important as the learning and development that occurs on a college campus.”

To help students make one of the most important decisions of their young lives, WalletHub compares about 415 college towns each year on metrics in three areas:  1) wallet friendliness, 2) social environment, and 3) academic and economic opportunities. 

So which cities came out on top? Read our story to find out.

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