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Georgia State University Mistakenly Sends Acceptance Letters to 1,500 Applicants

1,500 applicants to Georgia State University mistakenly received acceptance emails late April.

The admissions office mistakenly sent the emails to students with incomplete applications.

In a statement to NPR, a university spokesperson, Jo Ann Herold, said the 1,500 students were sent “communication from an academic department” that welcomed students who intend to major in their prospective academic area.

“The Admissions Office at Georgia State University apologizes for any confusion, disappointment, or inconvenience this miscommunication may have caused,” Herold says.


The false acceptance letter left many applicants, like Vanessa Peters’ daughter, feeling disappointed.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Peters says. “She really won’t talk about it. She wouldn’t come out of her room all day. She’s just very disappointed,” Peters tells WSB-TV.


In 2018, Georgia State University made a similar mistake when 1,300 prospective graduate students received misleading messages about their acceptance, despite being initially rejected.

At the time, the university said that the employee responsible for the error was retrained and that campus officials would review the notification system to prevent future mistakes.

Sources: NPR, WSB-TV

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