What To Expect From Admitted Student Day

Direct Admit day is a time for students directly admitted to Kelley School of Business to come visit campus and meet fellow students. There are two days for DA student to visit and this one was on on February 10, 2016

What to Expect From Admitted Student Day

Admitted student day is a pivotal moment before college, where you can meet your peers and get firsthand experience with college life.

US News recently offered tips on maximizing this day, providing insights into what to expect.


Admitted student days are typically a full or half day event that kicks off with a celebration ceremony. Following the ceremony, admitted students can attend a variety of sessions to learn more about academic and nonacademic life on campus—from choosing a meal plan to understanding financial aid.

“These programs are designed to help students and their families decide if this is really the place they see themselves pursuing their academic journey,” Christie Smith, associate vice president for undergraduate admissions at Nazareth University in New York, says.


Admitted student days aren’t just for accepted students—they’re for families as well. Colleges strongly encourage parents and guardians to attend and learn more about what a college can provide.

“We want the family members – the support system for students – to join in,” says Erica Fischer, Iowa State University’s director for enrollment marketing. “We know that parents and family members play a huge part in Gen Z’s decision-making process, so absolutely we encourage them to attend, to bring guests with them and join them throughout the day.”


While many colleges offer virtual options for admitted student day, experts recommend

attending in-person if you can. Smith, of Nazareth University, says the day is designed to give students an opportunity to recognize their achievements and celebrate.

“Students should recognize they’ve already been admitted, so you can put that sort of anxiety behind you since it’s truly a celebratory moment,” she says. “It’s really the students’ moment where, you know, we’ve chosen them and then they get to choose us. They’re really in the driver’s seat in that way, so it’s a fun, exciting, celebratory time.”

Sources: US News, Iowa State University

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